Ripstone’s Visual Identity is Evolving

We caught up with Gary King, Brand Champion to discuss the growing Ripstone brand, and why now is the right time for us to adopt a bold and refined new look.

Ripstone is Growing

In recent weeks, you may have noticed us introducing changes to the way we present ourselves. From Ripstone’s logo and social media channels to the very website that you’re reading this article on, our branding has been comprehensively overhauled.

Ripstone is growing, and the development of our new visual identity has been a rewarding, collaborative journey involving the entire company. The destination we’ve arrived at is one that, we feel, reflects our values and stands us in good stead for a bright future.

Ripstone’s Brand Journey

A chat with Brand Champion, Gary King

You joined us as Brand Champion just over a year ago, was it always the plan to revamp our visual identity?

No! It all began, as all good things do at Ripstone, as a big collaborative discussion. I think, as a team, we had recognised that the website and the brand could be doing more for us, and so we talked a lot about which direction Ripstone wanted to take things. 

Through this, we came to realise that there was a big opportunity for the Ripstone brand as a whole to become more than a shiny new badge or a layer of polish. We felt it could be better used to represent our values and our culture.

The new logo of the Ripstone brand

The work we’ve done on the new Ripstone brand has centred us and created a strong platform which will allow us to expand and grow both as a business and as creatives, too.

Why is now the right time for change?

With some incredible projects coming to fruition and a host of new faces joining the team, over the last 18 months or so, Ripstone has crossed a line in terms of realising its own aspirations. In fact, they’re no longer just aspirations but rather changes that Ripstone has now put in place.

Internally, we’re putting the pieces in place that will enable us to take on new projects, move into new genres, and create new worlds. The new brand represents both the starting point and the world we are creating. Our 5-Year Pledge

 How does the new visual identity represent what is important to us at our core as a business?

We’ve worked to streamline it to a point that allows our creative identity and personality to shine through in all situations.

When starting out, we asked ourselves; how do we visually represent this transition point that Ripstone finds itself in?

We wanted to get across that sense of wanting to grow in the right way, not to scale for the sake of scaling. We want to grow creatively as much as we want to grow the business as a physical entity. It’s about how we can expand what we are able to offer to our people, partners, and our players.

Talk us through the changes to the logo itself, what inspired it?

We knew we had to have our new mark feel at home when sat next to other key players in the industry. 

The changes we’ve made to it are subtle, but when you compare it side by side next to our old logo, the impact the newer one has is notable.

The circle motif is now integral to all of our designs. It focuses the eye, and it represents both the worlds we make as a creator, but also the working environments we foster in all of our studios.

The Future of Ripstone

With The Queen’s Gambit Chess now only weeks away, we’re thrilled to be moving into an exciting new phase for our company. Our revamped branding, exciting new projects and our incredible people are all flowing together to push Ripstone even further. Keep posted for other announcements in the coming weeks.