Ripstone Recharge 2024: Looking to the Future

Last week, Ripstone celebrated its 13th birthday in style, unveiling Recharge; the first edition of our new annual summit.

Our entire team assembled at Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool city centre on 25th January for Recharge; a day of camaraderie, innovation, and anticipation for the exciting future ahead.

What Is Recharge?

Recharge is an incredible opportunity to gather and energise our entire team at the start of a new year, sharing updates on internal projects and enriching each other’s knowledge across all game dev disciplines.

The event itself takes shape as a fusion of presentations, talks, and discussions, all carefully curated to build excitement for our future, the futures of our employees, and the future of the games industry.

Recharge 2024 

For this first gathering, our entire Ripstone team assembled under one roof. Even remote staff, some from as far away as Greece, made the journey to Liverpool to partake in the occasion.

The Hope Street Hotel provided an elegant backdrop for the day, with our teams utilising the hotel’s stunning cinema room for presentations. The day was packed with guest speakers, internal project pitches, and significant updates on ongoing projects.

Beyond the structured agenda, various other team members took the stage to share their interests and visions, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration.

Tom Wilcox, Ripstone Artist, shared his thoughts on the day, “It feels collaborative. There was quite a strong emphasis on having ideas heard, bouncing things around, and prototyping new ideas. That’s exciting for me.”

Amy Wall, Ripstone’s Finance Director, added “We’ve been running internal events like Ripstone Recharge for a while now, but every year it’s been getting bigger and better. I’m  excited that we’ve given it its own name, and our team have a new event that they can look forward to each year.”

Looking Forward

Our first Ripstone Recharge felt like more than a birthday celebration; it was an IRL demonstration of our teams’ genuine commitment to fostering creativity, collaboration, and excitement in all that they do.

As the Ripstone teams departed The Hope Street Hotel, the anticipation for the future was palpable.

Amy stressed that this is only the start, “It doesn’t end here, we’ll go back to the office and those thoughts and ideas will come out in abundance. Ultimately this is the start of so many more great ideas from the team.”

Here’s to an even bigger and better Recharge reunion in 2025!