Twitch Plays Pure Chess is back for 2017

06th January

Happy New Year!

And what a way to start the year, jumping straight back in with a brand new Twitch Plays Pure Chess event!

On Monday 9th January at 5pm GMT, we will be joined on stream by VP at and International Master, Daniel Rensch. The well known American chess personality will be taking on the hive mind of the Twitch chat, and with a FIDE rating of 2388 it will definitely be an interesting game..

IM Rensch was one of the youngest people in the U.S. to become a National Master at the age of just 14 and is now Vice President of Content at, where he provides in-depth chess analysis.

Join us on Monday to play live against IM Rensch by voting for moves in the Twitch chat. If the chat win, everyone watching will win a free Ripstone game!

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