It’s Time to Immerse Yourself in a New Adventure

19th December

With the exciting launch of Knytt Underground hitting the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita and Cosmic Clean-up, the 2D skill game where risk and reward is the main mechanic available now on PlayStation®Mobile ; it’s another exciting week of game releases at Ripstone.

Cosmic Clean-Up is a pick up and play game allowing you to explore different worlds and challenging levels and discover space as the first cosmonaut of your own little planet. Once you’ve launched your spaceship there’s no turning off your engine, as you use the flames of your thruster to burn your way through outer space; burning debris, planets and asteroids. Featuring ‘play to beat your high score’, the Cosmic Clean-Up High Score Challenge has officially started in the Ripstone office. Have you started yours?

Available now on PlayStation® certified mobile devices (PlayStation®Vita) via PlayStation®Mobile

Taking place in the same universe as Knytt Stories (the renowned indie game from Nifflas), the exciting release of ‘Knytt Underground’ is finally here for all those in the US and available Friday for those in Europe.

Exploration feels like a grand adventure that fills you with a desire to see more of the beautiful and strange world; with an array of thrilling quests to complete, unique zen-like gameplay and plenty of dynamic characters to meet and guide you on your adventure, Knytt Underground provides a captivating experience that won’t disappoint. With an unparalleled sense of freedom of movement; running; jumping; climbing; swinging; & bouncing, it’s time to immerse yourself into a mysterious, underground adventure…are you ready!? Knytt Underground is available on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita via the PlayStation®Network.

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