Gaming for Good #OneSpecialDay

29th September

One Special Day is here!Ripstone SpecialEffect

Today is a very exciting day, not just at Ripstone HQ but for the whole games industry. Today is #OneSpecialDay!

We are once again supporting the ‘One Special Day’ fundraising initiative by donating 100% of our profits from every game we sell today, to the gamers’ charity SpecialEffect. This includes profits from across our entire catalogue of games including DLC on all platforms including Steam, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch! To celebrate the fundraising drive, we will be hosting a six hour live stream on our Twitch channel from 12:00 to 18:00 BST today, which will include giveaways, forfeits and previews of games that you can buy to support the One Special Day charity drive. We hope to see some of you there to help us raise awareness for a great cause.

We have committed to donating all money raised through Twitch subscriptions, bits and cheers directly to SpecialEffect. This means that you can help support SpecialEffect every month by subscribing to the Ripstone Twitch channel, making use of a free Amazon Prime subscription, or simply tipping or cheering during our weekly streams. (Here’s a handy guide for setting up Twitch Prime) There are subscriber exclusive benefits including a Special Effect emote and access to an exclusive Discord channel. 

During the One Special Day charity stream later today, we will be hosting a series of giveaways, taking part in forfeits and also showcasing games that are taking part in the One Special Day charity drive. You can find a full list of every developer, publisher and company taking part over on the One Special Day website. Every person that subscribes to the Ripstone channel during the stream will trigger a forfeit for Hollie and Michelle, be entered into a raffle for a huge swag bag full of games and exclusive Ripstone prizes, whilst supporting SpecialEffect through our Twitch revenue. You can find the full schedule for the stream below, and we hope to see some of you in the chat later today!

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