Free Chess Ultra DLC Launches for the Holidays

20th December

The Ripstone holiday elves have been working extra hard this year and have prepared a special Christmas gift launched for the holidays just for you all to enjoy…

Free DLC for the Holidays

launched for the holidays Easter Island DLC, Chess Ultra. Easter Island Chess pieces

As a special festive treat for fans of Chess Ultra, we launched the Easter Island chess set today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, for free! The Easter Island chess set is inspired by the mysterious Moai of Easter Island, Polynesia. These head-like, monolithic chess pieces have been beautifully crafted, bringing the Moai not only to life – but to the chess board. The set comes with two material variants; rock and metal, and can be played in any environment within Chess Ultra.

You can download the free DLC now using the links below.

We hope you enjoy the Easter Island DLC! Let us know if you will be playing using the Moai heads over the holidays over on Twitter, Discord or Twitch. See you all in 2018!

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