Chess Ultra – Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Features

26th September

Earlier this summer we announced that Chess Ultra, which is a TIGA Awards finalist for Best Strategy Game, will be launching on Nintendo Switch™ later this year. Today we are delighted to share brand new details of the exciting multiplayer features within Chess Ultra.

Play with friends on another platform

Fans will already know that Chess Ultra features stunning visuals, seamless online multiplayer and Grandmaster-approved AI to complete the ultimate chess experience. We’re delighted to confirm that the Nintendo Switch™ version of Chess Ultra will also include cross-platform compatibility, enabling players across PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ to play chess together online. Get ready for cross platform tournaments and prepare to bring your A-game!

Cross-table play

The Nintendo Switch™ brings an array of new play styles to the table, and the development team here at Ripstone have taken full advantage of this. You can play on the big screen with the console docked, in tabletop mode with the Pro Controller, and on the go in handheld mode using either the Joy-Con™ controllers or by taking advantage of full touch screen functionality.

We’ve also developed a new unique way for two people to play the game in local multiplayer in a cross-table playing mode, whereby the console acts as the chess board. Place the console down between you and your opponent to play cross-table chess. Each player uses an individual Joy-Con™ controller to take their turn, with the game featuring an adaptive UI that adjusts each turn to be visible for each player. Refine your strategy, with the optional extra of being able to kick your opponent under the table as you play. (Not recommended or encouraged…)

Coming 2017

Chess Ultra will be available later this year on Nintendo Switch, and we will have more details about our release plans in the coming weeks. For press enquiries please contact or visit the Chess Ultra press kit.

If you missed the initial Nintendo Switch™ announcement, you can check out the trailer below. Chess Ultra launched earlier this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and VR, with the first of many new DLC launching last week for these platforms; the Pantheon Game Pack. This pack includes an environment inspired by the Pantheon Temple in Rome, and a chess set of Imperial Roman soldiers.



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