Chess Ultra Santa Monica Pack – Available Now

27th April

Ever wanted to play chess at the beach without going outside? Then this is the DLC pack for you…

Breath of Fresh Air

We’re excited to share the brand new Santa Monica Pack for Chess Ultra, which launched this week for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR platforms. The pack contains an environment and a chess set, bringing the sandy beaches of Santa Monica to the virtual world of Chess Ultra.

Santa Monica Pack in more detail

The beach environment was modelled on the real life Santa Monica chess pack, whilst the chess set was inspired by the skate scene of California. We spent a lot of time contemplating how the pieces would look in-game and landed on a hand-made style, with each chess piece fashioned from recycled skateboard parts. You can see an early concept board that we created during the design process below, detailing our initial thoughts on materials and styles for the pieces. We’re really happy with the finished design and hope you love the set as much as we do!


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