Chess Ultra Pantheon DLC – Available Now

20th September

We’re really excited to share that the first DLC pack for Chess Ultra is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC, and arrives on Friday 22nd September for Xbox One. The Pantheon Game Pack includes a brand new environment and also an exclusive chess set that can be used in various combinations with the existing base sets.

The environment is an exquisitely detailed model of the Pantheon in Rome, bringing a touch of ancient history to Chess Ultra. The pack also includes a hand crafted set of bronze cast Roman chessmen and a stone checkerboard ready for a strategic battle for checkmate. Gladiators and centurions stand shoulder-to-shoulder with scholars, and even Julius Caesar himself!

We hope you enjoy the Pantheon DLC as much as we enjoyed creating it for Chess Ultra, and we will have more details about upcoming content soon.

pantheon dlc game play

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