Table Top Racing

The chart-topping Table Top Racing has been developed for PS Vita by Playrise Digital – a team of experienced racer devs, including the original co-creator of the WipEout series.

Table Top Racing is out now on PS Vita! In Europe and in the US.

Table Top Racing offers fast and furious combat racing; featuring all manner of crazy cars and trucks from Ice Cream vans to Supercars and even a Bunnymobile, all pitted against each other in a world of table top race tracks and oversized obstacles. The cars are bonkers, the competition is fierce, the action relentless!

It’s powered up micro racing at its best!

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Mild Fantasy Violence, Online Gameplay

Available to buy or download today

Game Features
Powered up micro racing!

Best played on PS Vita

4 player online madness, with global ranking boards

8 awesome table top tracks

17 fully upgradable cars

6 cool gameplay modes: Hot-Lap, Speed-Trial, Combat, Pure Race, Pursuit, and Eliminator

9 sneaky power-ups

Over 30 special events
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