Knytt Underground

Knytt Underground was created by Nifflas.

Knytt Underground is the latest iteration in the critically acclaimed Knytt series. It takes place in the same universe as Knytt Stories, the renowned indie game from Nicklas Nygren, a.k.a ‘Nifflas’. Each room in the huge map offers a small challenge to overcome using the unique tried and tested mechanics that have already reached over 1 million fans worldwide. With an unparalleled sense of freedom of movement; running; jumping; climbing; swinging; & bouncing; all blend smoothly to create zen-like gameplay.

Exploration feels like a grand adventure that fills you with a desire to see more of the beautiful and strange world.

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“Winner of the PSN Stores Editor Choice Award 2012”

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Game Features
Zen-like gameplay, vibrant environments and dynamic characters

Enjoy a compelling and surprising story accompanied by an ambient audio experience

Explore over 1,800 rooms and complete multiple story-driven quests

Switch between human and ball form for an unparalleled sense of freedom

Open world, ready to be explored by you (at your own pace)

Cloud Saving: Cross-platform compatibility means you can continue progress between platforms
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