Gun Commando

Gun Commando was developed by Green Hill & Abstraction Games.

Gun Commando is a First Person Shooter with a classic Shoot ’em Up feel, the two genres combining to create a unique and action packed environment. The earth has been invaded by alien forces, and all that stands between the oblivious civilians and their grim fate is you; a war torn commando who lives for covert action. Your deadliest mission yet takes you on a city-wide journey of destruction.

Your main goal? Kill every last one of them!

Check out the trailer & bring on the alien carnage!

Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence

Available to buy or download today

Game Features
Unique FPS meets Shmup gameplay

Shoot and dodge your way through 24 alien strongholds

Ingenious weapon upgrade system that demands and rewards accurate play

Challenging end of level bosses

Story led gameplay visualised by legendary comic book artist, Romano Molenaar
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