Flyhunter Origins

Flyhunter Origins has been developed by Steel Wool Games – an Academy-Award winning team of talanted film animation professionals.

Let’s set the scene…meet Zak; a bumbling alien spaceship Janitor and wannabe Flyhunter. Zak is a “Zursk”- one of three alien species from Burgarol 3. He works on board the Flyhunter Crew’s legendary spaceship; ‘The Frog’ but deep down he longs for an exciting adventure of his own.

Somewhere in Earth’s orbit, while the heroic Flyhunters are deep in cryo sleep; The Frog’s cargo of super-important, exotic insects from the latest hunt is mysteriously jettisoned into Space, crash-landing back on planet Earth! It seems that clumsy Janitor Zak is the only one around to save the day. Can this accidental hero swap his Sweeping Brush for a super-cool Fly Swatter and take on the role of daring Flyhunter? It’s a good job Zak’s is used to cleaning up – because he’s in a huge mess! Hurry! Help this little dude complete his mission, before “The Investors” find out their expensive bugs are missing!

Tiny Hero – Big Game – Massive Adventure!

Check out the fanpage for more artwork and videos and then use the links below to buy.

Flyhunter Origins is out now!

Fantasy Violence

Available to buy or download today

Game Features
Compelling story-driven gameplay, supported by top-class cut scene animation

Classic little-guy-big-world platform gameplay mixed with into-screen chase sections

Highest quality character animation led by Pixar Animation professionals. Intuitive pick-up-and-play controls

21 action-packed levels
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