Cosmic Clean-Up

Cosmic Clean-Up was developed by the talented team at Abstraction Games with help from Green Hill.

It’s one giant sweep for mankind as you take on the role of a brave cosmonaut, set to clean up the cluttered galaxy.

Journey to far away galaxies, courageously tackle the dangerously dirty space junkyard and boldly to clean where no man has dared to clean before. Prepare for some high-powered obliteration as you tear through the universe in your tiny ship, equipped only with your immaculate piloting skills and mighty thruster burn! There’s no way to turn off your thrusters after launch and no slowing down, so you’ll need nerves of steel and a steady hand – or your space toast!

Check out the trailer here

Available to buy or download today

Game Features
Pick up and play controls - perfect for 'on the go' gaming

Explore several different worlds each with multiple challenging levels

Burn away debris, planets and asteroids using the flames from your thruster

Play to beat your previous highscore’s

Invincibility, Afterburner & Fire Shield - Discover useful power ups scattered across the galaxy
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