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Announcing Chess Ultra - Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC & VR Platforms

27th February 2017

Chess? Yes!
We're really excited to announce Chess Ultra; a brand new game developed internally at Ripstone, set to launch this spring.
We have been working behind the scenes at Ripstone HQ to bring a brand new chess experience to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and VR platforms and we can't wait for you to see how beautiful the game looks in the announcement trailer!
Chess Ultra is a sequel to our million-selling 2012 title Pure Chess and has been built completely from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4 by our internal development team. With crisp 4k visuals and a variety of hand-crafted environments and chess sets, this is the best looking chess game in the world.
Chess Ultra features a range of single player and online game modes, including 10 varying levels of AI opponents all the way up to Grandmaster.
We are hosting an exclusive first look at the game right now on the front page of Twitch with Grandmaster Simon Williams! Join us in the chat to see Chess Ultra in action. 
We will be sharing more details about Chess Ultra in the coming months before launch so make sure to follow us on Twitch and Twitter!
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See you at PAX South!

20th January 2017

Our first event of 2017 has arrived!

Next week we're flying over to the US for PAX South in San Anotio, Texas. We're really looking forward to exploring the show floor, meeting lots of new developers and hanging out with our pals from across the world. We have lots of things to talk about behind closed doors (for now), so if you're a journalist, developer or streamer heading to the show then drop us an email to and we can arrange to catch up.

Now for the REALLY exciting part.. We're hosting our very own panel live from PAX!

We're taking over the Falcon Theatre on Sunday 29th January at 3.30pm to host the very first Twitch Plays Chess event with a live audience. PAX attendees are invited to join us to play live against chess Grandmaster Gil Popilski by voting for chess moves in the Twitch chat. How cool is that. We'll also be joined on stage by the amazing Nati Casanova, also known as Zombi Unicorn on Twitch! She will be chatting with us about how Twitch integration in games has changed the way streamers engage with their audience. We will be hosting the whole event on our Twitch channel so you can see the moves unfolding in real time!

You can read more about the panel over on the offixial PAX website and make sure to follow us on Twitch so you don't miss it! 

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Twitch Plays Pure Chess is back for 2017

06th January 2017

Happy New Year!

And what a way to start the year, jumping straight back in with a brand new Twitch Plays Pure Chess event!

On Monday 9th January at 5pm GMT, we will be joined on stream by VP at and International Master, Daniel Rensch. The well known American chess personality will be taking on the hive mind of the Twitch chat, and with a FIDE rating of 2388 it will definitely be an interesting game..

IM Rensch was one of the youngest people in the U.S. to become a National Master at the age of just 14 and is now Vice President of Content at, where he provides in-depth chess analysis.

Join us on Monday to play live against IM Rensch by voting for moves in the Twitch chat. If the chat win, everyone watching will win a free Ripstone game! 

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