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Stick It To The Man sticking itself to PS4!

09th April 2014

Stick It To The Man sticking itself to PS4!

We've read your minds and found out you wanted a next-gen version of the critically acclaimed crazy mind-reading puzzle game Stick It To The Man – so we’re bringing it to you on PlayStation®4 really soon!

If you own a PS4 and have always wanted to be able to read people’s minds and find out what they’re really thinking – you’ll soon be able to. Stick It To The Man has been enhanced to take advantage of next-gen features, Ray’s madcap adventures are now displayed in pin-sharp 1080p and the DualShock®4 controller speakers are used to tap into characters thoughts in the game, further separating the mindreading world from Ray’s world.

The game will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation®4 from 30th April in Europe, and 6th May in the US. The game is also coming to Wii U in late Spring 2014, release date to be announced shortly.

Check out the website for more information or head to the facebook page for sneak peeks and competitions. You can also get involved in the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #StickItGame  

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Pure Chess - The Next Generation!

04th April 2014

Pure Chess - The Next Generation!

You heard it here first!

Pure Chess is making its move onto PlayStation 4 this month! April 15th/16th to be precise.

If you were impressed by the stereoscopic 3D awesomeness and gob smacking HD visuals on offer in Pure Chess on PlayStation 3, prepare to be absolutely blown away by what VooFoo have achieved with the glorious power of PS4 tech – making this the definitive version!

The game will be £4.99 / € 5.99 / $7.99 but chess fans can also get their hands on the best value Complete Bundle for £9.99 / €11.99 / $14.99. And PlayStation Plus users can look forward to some discounts at launch too!

Check out the stunning trailer as our featured video of the week and let us know what you think on facebook and twitter.

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COMPETITION TIME: Pure Chess on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS

18th March 2014

COMPETITION TIME: Pure Chess on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS









Pure Chess is launching this week (20th March) on Wii U & Nintendo 3DS. The team at Nintendo Life caught up with developers VooFoo to get the low-down on cross-platform play, the games stunning visuals, and their first experiences of working on a Nintendo game. 

We took a sneaky photo whilst they were chatting - and we want you to caption it! Our favourite caption will win a copy of Pure Chess on either Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. It can be funny, witty, or just whatever comes into your mind when you look at the photo!

Click 'Read More' to see how to enter

You can enter the competition on our facebook page - simply write your caption below the photo on our timeline, posted 18th March 2014.

You can enter as many times as you like, let your creativity flow.

The competition will close at midday (GMT) on 25th March 2014.

The winner will have the choice of either a Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS code for the game Pure Chess. It is a digital download code, not a physical game that you will receive. 

The prize can only be provided to someone who has a US or European Nintendo account; entries from Australia & New Zealand will only have the option of choosing a Wii U code.

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Pure Chess is coming to Nintendo 3DS & Wii U on 20th March!

12th March 2014

Pure Chess is coming to Nintendo 3DS & Wii U on 20th March!

Hurrah! We hear you cry...

We know you've been waiting a long time for us to confirm the release date of Pure Chess on Nintendo 3DS & Wii U after it got announced last year, and believe us - we're glad to finally be able to give you it!

The visual geniuses at Voofoo have successfully utilised the cross-platform play feature, meaning Pure Chess fans can play against their friends on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. 

This was something we all wanted to see in the game, but we underestimated the effort & technicalities involved with getting it right. We think the delay has been worth it, and we hope you all agree. 

So don't forget to head to the eShop on 20th March where you can download the game for £4.99 / €5.99 / $7.99, in the meantime you can check out the trailer here - and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Stick It To The Man with these bargains!

26th February 2014

Stick It To The Man with these bargains!


As an end of the month treat we’ve got discounts galore on Stick It To The Man by Zoink – so now you have no excuse not to get it!

You can save 50% on Steam until 3rd March

The PlayStation version of the game is available in the Vita anniversary sale for less than a fiver (that’s British pounds, by the way!) – with even more off for PS+ members , but you’ll have to hurry – this offer ends TODAY!

Over on the other side of the pond you can grab the game on PS3 & Vita for under $7 until 4th March

Don't forget - on PS4 & Vita the game is cross-buy too, so that's two games for the price of one!

You can let us know what you think of the game on the facebook page, or by joining the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #StickItGame

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Video Of The Week - Chess Dual: Bill Gates Vs Magnus Carlsen

24th January 2014

Ever seen a ninja brain in action? Someone who processes thoughts with the speed of a thousand gazelles, making decisions with such accuracy and enthusiasm - it actually gives you motion sickness? Well, here it is! Bill Gates; one of the worlds greatest modern thinkers, getting his ass handed to him in this lightening round of Chess. He only lasted seventy one seconds in his daring dual! But to be fair, he was up against Norwegian Grandmaster; Magnus Carlsen - whose name is almost as epic as his mind-boggling Chess skills.

One things for sure - Bill needs to up his game and get practicing his Chess moves! Pure Chess anyone? :-)

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Video Of The Week - Some Awesome Stick It To The Man voices!

17th January 2014

What do we have for you this week? Well, the title should give you a bit of a clue... we've got a video of Jonathan Cooke, one of the voice actors featured in Stick It To The Man! He does the voices of Harry the Security Guard, and The Seagull: two completely different voices! It's crazy to see how easily he can change his voice without any effort at all - some of us at Ripstone struggle to put a sentence together & speak properly on a Monday morning; so we're always impressed by anyone who can do these amazing crazy things with their vocal chords!

Also, pretty impressive how he can keep a straight face when talking about pooping on people's head - a true professional!

Check Jonathan out in our featured video or head to our youtube channel to check it out.

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