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Send Phil To The Slammer!

19th October 2014

Help us get Creative Director and Co-founder of Ripstone; Phil Gaskell arrested and locked-up this November – all in the name of charity.

We’ve already raised over £100 for The Prince's Trust in the past few days, but we need your help to spread the word. To send Phil to the slammer, we need to raise a minimum of £500 which will guarantee a cell for 4 hours. For each additional £100 raised thereafter, he'll spend an extra hour under lock and key.

Prison life will begin with Phil being arrested by Police at Ripstone HQ on Friday 28th November. Rest-assured, all activities will be well documented and shared here on the website and on social media.

If enough funds are raised, as well as fingerprinting, mild interrogation and prison food, Phil can also look forward to enduring some of the things listed below while he's behind bars:

  • £1500 The prisoner will be kept in custody overnight and released the following morning
  • £3000 The prisoner will be roused whilst sleeping every 30 minutes
  • £5000 The prisoner will be roused whilst sleeping every 15 minutes

So, if you'd like to send Phil to the slammer and support a fantastic charity – please donate whatever you can on his Just Giving page. Remember, the more we raise the more severe his punishment will be!

For more information on The Prince's Trust and the amazing work they do click here.

For now, we’ll leave you with this...


With your help we could make this a reality :-)

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Dreadbit Games & Ripstone join forces on Ironcast

16th October 2014

For Queen & Country!

We're very excited to be annoucing a brand new partnership today! We're joining forces with the awesome team at Dreadbit Games to take turn-based steampunk mech combat game; Ironcast to the next level. The game will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux in early 2015.

Inspired by Victorian era science fiction writers such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, Ironcast is set in an exciting alternative history; a time when refined men and women in top hats and bonnets commanded gigantic walking war machines, laying waste to the enemies of the British Empire! Players take control of a 7 metre tall walking vehicle called an Ironcast. They must face off against an invading force of enemy Ironcast in order to defend 1880's Victorian England.


Battles are fought by generating resource nodes which in turn drive the Ironcast's various weapons and systems. Players must choose how to spend these nodes wisely, either offensively in order to cripple and destroy their opponents, or defensively, if they suspect a barrage of incoming weapons fire is due.


Dreadbit launched Ironcast’s Kickstarter campaign in September and with support from pledgers the game reached its £10,000 base funding goal on Kickstarter earlier this month. Dreadbit will be managing Kickstarter funds and game development in-house and we'll be acting as an additional funding partner on the project; covering production, marketing, distribution and further development costs to ensure that stretch goals are met.

“After the completion of the Kickstarter campaign we were approached by Ripstone who offered to provide the funding for our stretch goals“ says Daniel Leaver; Designer at Dreadbit Games. “We saw this as too good an opportunity to pass up. While we always had complete confidence that we’d deliver the game we wanted to make and our Kickstarter backers believed in this additional funding is helping us to go much further with the original vision, secure in the knowledge that we can cope with anything unforeseen that may arise.”


Due for release early next year, Ironcast’s stretch goals boast an extra Commander, an additional Ironcast design, more locations and missions and added buffs and abilities, as well as a few extra surprises. All of which we hope to aid the lords and ladies of Dreadbit in making a reality.

“Having worked extensively with Daniel on the LittleBigPlanet series I was always curious as to what he’d do next”  says Leo Cubbin; Managing Director at Ripstone.“When we discovered his Ironcast Kickstarter campaign we immediately loved the concept and tried to find a way to get involved in such a way that would reward people who had backed the game. The obvious approach from our perspective was to ensure that all the stretch goals were fulfilled and provided to the existing backers with no extra charge. We think Ironcast has the potential to be a really great game, and hope that our help can ensure it fulfils Dreadbit’s and their backers’ expectations.”


As a thank you for guaranteeing Ironcast’s stretch goals, Dreadbit have kindly donated a steampunk jetpack to us, which was an unclaimed reward from Ironcast’s Kickstarter campaign. The jetpack is a faithful replica of the escape method utilized by many Ironcast Commanders once their mechanized steed has been crippled beyond repair. It has been meticulously hand-crafted by Kruki99 using reclaimed materials such as brass, leather and glass. There’s no resin or "metal effect" components; it is a solid, quality work of art. We'll be organizing a test flight as soon as possible and of course, look forward to the benefits of having a jetpack in the office. More will be revealed on the plans for the jetpack in due course.

Keep an eye on the Dreadbit's website and here on our website for dev diaries and competitions, and follow us and the devs on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram for live Ironcast game updates.

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Video Of The Week: EGX 2014 Lip Sync Special

03rd October 2014

This week we pay homage to EGX 2014 the only way we can; with a Taylor Swift lip syncing video special. You'll notice a few familiar faces... 

We had an absolute blast at EGX 2014 and will most definitely be making the trip to Birmingham to represent and celebrate games there next year too. There's some amazing games on the horizon, and we can't wait to play them all! We were particularly impressed with some of the indie games on show in the EGX Rezzed area.

Check out our photo's out here.

All in all EGX certainly didn't disappoint this year - and neither does this video...enjoy!

Wished you'd known we were going to be at the show? Follow us on Twitter and give us a like on Facebook so you don't miss another thing!

Need to know more? Get in touch:

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Happy Comic Book Day!

25th September 2014

It's Comic Book Day so to celebrate on this glorious occasion, we've pepared some lovely shots of the team looking remarkably similar to their favourite superhero’s and superheroine’s...enjoy!










Phil “Iron Man” Gaskell – he keeps us in the loop with the most cutting edge tech and gadgets, but burns the carpet during take-off and landing.















Leo “Superman” Cubbin – protects us from health and safety hazards at all costs, unless the planet is in danger. He’s convinced that he’s a master of disguise, but those glasses aren’t fooling anyone.

















Ste “Captain America” Griffiths – is the king of opening doors and pulling out chairs for ladies. He keeps morale in check in the office and has a zero tolerance policy on obscenities and bad manners.









Michelle “Wonder Woman” Turner – she kicks ass; self-explanatory really :-) although, like everyone, she has her good days and her bad days.

















Ami “Shera” Langton – shields the office with her sword of protection. But considering her only mode of transport is a unicorn, that skirt is way too SHORT.

So, we think you’ll all agree – the resemblance is uncanny ;-)

Which superhero best represents you?

We’ll be back next week with another blog post. In the meantime don’t forget to give us a like/ follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Pure Pool Update 1.02 Now Live on PS4

10th September 2014

The latest Pure Pool update (version 1.02 to be precise) is now available on PS4 and includes the following fixes:

1. Online freeze issues have now been resolved

2. Trophy fixes:

  • Pure Pool Pro
  • Pure Pool Veteran
  • Pure Pool Grandmaster
  • The Ultimate Accolade
  • Pure Trophy (platinum)

Many thanks to the community for their continued feedback. Please keep it coming, we appreciate your insight. If there's anything you'd like to say to us or to the development team VooFoo Studios please get in touch:

Come and join in the conversation on Twitter #PurePool

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Table Top Racing PS Vita Update Now Live

01st September 2014

The latest Table Top Racing update is now live and includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed All-Star Specialist Trophy
  • Fixed shortcut-blocking collision Toys 'R' Asleep track
  • Fixed music/ audio balance issue
  • Added a controls layout screen
  • Added option to turn "Look Back" via rear touch panel on/off (Default now 'off')

Huge thanks to all those who've contributed with their suggestions so far. We really appreciate your feedback. If there's anything else you'd like to tell us or the devs Playrise Digital - get in touch 

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Stick It To The Man Out Now on Xbox One!

28th August 2014

Tin foil hats at the ready! Zoink! Games critically-acclaimed psychic platform-adventure game Stick It To The Man! is available to download now from the Xbox One Games Store now priced at £6.39 / €7.99 / $9.99.

With well over 1.2 million players already across PlayStation platforms and after numerous requests from the community – Ray and The Man are finally making their Xbox One debut today. Fans can also look forward to exclusive unlocks from the team at Zoink! as they progress through the game and earn achievements.

Stick It To The Man! centres aroundhardhat tester; Ray – who has a bizarre accident at work and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain. This fluorescent arm, invisible to others, gives Ray strange powers, allowing him to hear people’s thoughts and change the paper world around him with stickers. Digging into the brains of his fellow citizens, including the likes of Santa Claus, Captain Ahab and Elvis to name but a few; it’s up to Ray to gather clues from countless insane characters and solve mind-boggling puzzles – all while trying to escape the evil clutches of The Man! Can you help Ray out of this sticky situation?

To see Ray and The Man in action, take a look at the Stick It To The Man! launch trailer here:

For more information on the game please check out the official website Fans can also keep their eyes peeled for sneak peeks and competitions on the Stick It To The Man! Facebook page and join in the conversation on Twitter #StickItGame 

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Pure Pool Update Available Now on Steam & PS4

26th August 2014

The initial Pure Pool update is available to download now on PS4 and PC via Steam.

After carefully considering feedback from the community, the team at VooFoo have developed an initial update for Pure Pool, which not only includes various improvements based on user feedback, it also delivers fresh content. Players can even look forward to the addition of the brand new game mode; UK 8-Ball (check it out in the screenshot above).

The full list of improvements for both PS4 and PC is detailed below:

  • New game mode – UK Black-Ball (UK 8-Ball) added to the roster.
  • New ‘Master’ difficulty with aim aids turned off.
  • 9-Ball free table - If the player has 9-Ball as their default game type the 9-Ball rack will be set up in free-play mode rather than the current forced 8-Ball.
  • Challenge notification icon - This displays an icon next to the players ‘Games’ option to inform them they have received a challenge from another player.
  • Offline Player Challenge notification - System level.  Invites appear in player’s notification even if they don’t have Pure Pool installed.
  • Opponent player card accessible mid-game - Allows the player to see their opponent’s player card at any time during a match.
  • Opponent able to view player’s table cam - Allows the player to see through the camera of the opponent when walking around the table.
  • Player online feed only for friends - Removed player online notifications.  Only displays friends who come online.
  • Diamonds on the table rails to help players when shooting doubles.
  • Yellow aim line made more distinct to reduce confusion between the two lines.
  • Potting the black from the break now re-racks the balls.
  • Player is now asked if they want to play against a DNA opponent or wants to continue searching for another online player.
  • DNA now displayed next to the user name to clearly mark it out as an AI player.
  • Server optimization.
  • Opponents cue movement made visible in real time in online matches.
  • Bug fix for players games not timing out and the game being awarded to the absent player.
  • Bug fix to stop the players changing their difficulty mid-challenge and posting their score/time on the incorrect leaderboard.
  • Fix for rankings and career mode trophies not being awarded (should retrospectively unlock any the player should have been awarded after one career match).
  • Fix for losing spin and table control when pressing the triangle button during a shot on PS4.
  • Fix for not being able to select language type on PC.
  • Fix for inverted controls when ball-in-hand on PC.
  • Fix for sound only coming out of headphones on PC.
  • Vibration added for power shots.

General AI improvements including:

  • Removed long AI wait times when ball near to a cushion
  • Amateur difficulty slightly toned down
  • Ability to get out of snookers reduced
  • Improved ball in hand placement

"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank fans for their patience and concise feedback which has aided us in the development of the update. We urge fans to continue to feed back to us on their experiences with the game and hope that they enjoy the improvements and fresh content on offer in the update" – Mark Williams; Technology Director, VooFoo Studios.

If you have any additional feedback about Pure Pool please get in touch: You can also join in the conversation on Twitter #PurePool.

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WIN a Table Top Racing game code for PS Vita!

08th August 2014

To celebrate the launch of Playrise Digital's micro combat racer Table Top Racing on PS Vita - we're hosting a competition on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend, where players will be able to win themselves a free game code!

To enter, all you have to do is create your own table top race track (like the awesome example below) and if we like it, you win! Easy.

We'll be announcing the winners on Monday, so get building!

Join in the conversation on Twitter #TTRVita and follow the devs @PlayriseDigital

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Table Top Racing Crosses The Finish Line

06th August 2014

The wait is finally over! Playrise Digital’s critically acclaimed micro combat racer Table Top Racing is out now on PS Vita in Europe and in the US.

The game is available for £4.99/ €5.99/ $7.99 and there's additional launch discounts for PS Plus subscribers.

Described by Playrise Digital as the “definitive version” the PS Vita game boasts a silky-smooth 60 FPS, enhanced environments, double the polygon count in the track geometry and superior handling. Not only is this the best looking version of the game to date, it’s also best played on PS Vita – thanks to the Vita’s dual analog controls, rear touch capabilities and ad-hoc online multiplayer.

Table Top Racing is a AAA micro combat racer that pits all manner of custom-made, miniaturised cars against one another. Welcome to a world of table top race tracks, over-sized obstacles and glorious power-ups. Table Top Racing may be miniature but don’t be fooled by its size! It comes complete with a full championship mode in single player along with quick play and drift modes and over 30 special events. Players can also look forward to full live online multiplayer and play with up to 4 friends online or locally.

Hold onto your seats and take a look at the brand spanking new launch trailer it's powered-up micro racing at its best!

Join in the conversation on Twitter #TTRVita and follow the devs @PlayriseDigital

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Chalk your cues! Pure Pool is out now on PS4 & Steam

31st July 2014

And there's special launch discounts for PS Plus & Steam users

It's official! VooFoo Studios Pure Pool is out now on Steam and PS4. The game is priced at  £7.99/  €9.99/ $12.99 and Steam and PS Plus members can also take advantage of special launch discounts right now.

Pure Pool launched earlier this week on PS4 in the US and Europe, and this evening - the game finally landed on Steam.

VooFoo Studios have raised the bar higher than ever before with Pure Pool, connecting players to a living, breathing, socially connected pool hall. Get ready, for the most authentic pool experience ever witnessed from the comfort of your couch!

Share your #PurePool #PS4Share or #Steam moments with us @RipstoneGames on Twitter for your chance to win some Pure Pool swag!

If you've got any feedback for us or the devs just email: and we'll get back to you with the speed of 1,000 gazelles.

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Exclusive Sci-Fi DLC available in Pure Chess on Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet

29th July 2014

To coincide with the launch of the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet in the US - VooFoo Studios Pure Chess is available to download today, along with the brand new Sci-Fi game pack - which will be exclusively available to Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet users at launch.

Stardate -308425.460045662: set in a spectacular spaceship setting in what feels like mankind's final battle, prepare for a new kid of war - with futuristic chess pieces and breath-taking views of space.

Pure Chess has been optimised for Tegra K1 powered devices and is free to download from the Google Play and TegraZone Stores now. The Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet is due to arrive in Europe on 14th August, so EU gamers will be able to get hold of Pure Chess, as well as this awesome new set then. 

Follow us on @RipstoneGames and the devs @VooFoo Studios for more updates and competitions! Come join in the conversation on Twitter #PureChess

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Pure Pool cued for launch on PS4 & Steam

24th July 2014

After months of waiting, the time has finally come! VooFoo Studios Pure Pool will be shooting onto PlayStation®4 on 29th July in US and on 30th July in the Europe! It's also coming to PC via Steam on 31st July.

After the success of the critically acclaimed Hustle Kings on PlayStation 3, VooFoo Studios have honed their craft and taken hyper-realism to a whole new level with Pure Pool. Renowned for beautiful high definition graphics and silky-smooth gameplay, not only can players expect full immersion in a living, breathing pool hall, but the team at VooFoo have raised the quality bar higher than ever resulting in the ultimate pool game.Offering four game modes in single player from classic American 8 Ball to Killer and four challenges from Royal Rumble to Perfect Potter, players can refine their skills solo or relish in the challenges of full live online multiplayer – competing against the best in one-on-one matches and in global online and custom leagues.

Promising the most authentic pool experience outside of real life, Pure Pool not only boasts the most convincing baize and balls in pool simulation history – the game has been built from the ground up with the idea of connecting players.

Pure Pool tracks players’ individual gaming-styles – closely monitoring traits, ranging from the length of time it takes for a player to take a shot to the number of balls are potted in quick succession. This will create a unique DNA profile as they play, allowing gamers to take on AI interpretations of their friends and foes, no matter whether they’re online or not.  Players’ pool skills will be challenged to the maximum by weighing up against the DNA profiles of the development team or snooker, pool and gaming superstars.

Get ready for the most authentic pool experience ever witnessed from the comfort of the couch.

Follow us on Twitter @RipstoneGames and the devs @VooFoo Studios for more updates, competitions and join in the #PurePool conversation!

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Table Top Racing Under Starters Order For PS Vita!

22nd July 2014

WipEout Co-creator’s AAA micro combat racer is set for launch!

After months of hard work, litres of Red Bull and plenty of noodles, the amazing dev team at Playrise Digital are ready to unleash the ultimate version of Table Top Racing on the world! The game will be skidding onto the PlayStation Store on 5th August in US and 6th August in Europe, where it will be available to download for £4.99/ €5.99/ $7.99 on PS Vita. PS Plus subscribers can also look forward to discounts at launch too... horrah!

For those of you who don't know much about the game; Table Top Racing is a AAA micro combat racer that pits all manner of custom-made, miniaturised cars against one another. Welcome to a world of table top race tracks, over-sized obstacles and glorious power-ups. Table Top Racing may be miniature but don’t be fooled by its size! It comes complete with a full championship mode in single player along with quick play and drift modes and over 30 special events. Players can also look forward to full live online multiplayer and play with up to 4 friends online or locally.

The PlayStation Vita game has been improved from grid to chequered flag, making this the definitive version of Table Top Racing. Boasting a silky-smooth 60 FPS, enhanced environments, double the polygon count in the track geometry, double the texture resolution and superior handling; it’s not only the best looking version, it’s also best played on PS Vita. The Playrise Digital team have also taken full advantage of the Vita’s controls and rear touch features, allowing players much improved handling, proper racing controls and a rear touch view… this is powered up micro racing at its best!

The game has been developed by a crack team of some of the industries finest racer veterans. The team is headed up by ex-Sony Studio Liverpool game designer and co-creator of WipEout, Nick Burcombe as well as ex-Bizarre Creations folk, so it’s no wonder the game has already proven hugely successful on mobile – with over 5.3 million downloads to date.

"We believe that Table Top Racing for PlayStation Vita is the ultimate version of our award winning micro combat racer,” commented Nick Burcombe, CEO Playrise Digital. “The Vita has enhanced our game in so many ways with our favourite addition being the hugely improved multi-player mode. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Ripstone to bring this improved Table Top Racing to Vita gamers and we hope they enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it."  

The good news is there's not long to wait now! Save the date people - it's going to be a good one :-) 

Join in the conversation on Twitter #TTRVita and follow us @RipstoneGames and @PlayriseDigital for game updates, competitions and general awesomeness!

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Ripstone Round-up: June 2014

09th July 2014

It's been a very busy month indeed here at Ripstone HQ!

As well as having three game launches on the horizon; we've had two team breakfasts, one food slam, two long-haul flights, two events, a road trip, a new pair of cowboy boots, countless cuppas and far, far too much MOAM. But we've loved every second and can't wait for what lies ahead this summer…

For those of you who may not already know we exhibited two games at E3 this year - VooFoo Studios Pure Pool on Xbox One and Steel Wool Games Flyhunter Origins on PS Vita, both of which received some fantastic feedback on the show floor. We also demoed Playrise Digital's Table Top Racing on PS Vita which inspired quite a bit of racer nostalgia, especially over on the Gamespot live stage.

E3 was particularly special for us this year as not only did it mark the third year we've attended as a company but it was also the second year (on the trot) that we've had multiple games present on the show floor. We had Steel Wool Games Co-founder Andrew Dayton with us too, which was the cherry on top! He gave journalists an insight into what life’s like making films at Pixar by day and running his own indie studio by night. He took time to explain first hand exactly what sets their forthcoming platformer Flyhunter Origins apart from the crowd.

Check out the rest of our photo's on Facebook.

During E3 we also exhibited all three games at a rooftop indie games event in LA called The MIX.  The event is a great excuse for indies to come together and showcase their games in good company and eat barbeque food away from the noise of E3. We met some great people, sampled some cool games and good beer and what’s more; Pure Pool, Flyhunter Origins and Table Top Racing all went down tremendously well.

Our adventures across the pond culminated in us meeting a famous dog, travelling across the desert, and experiencing the bitter sweet delights of the Roulette table in Las Vegas. But none of this can even come close to the excitement we’re feeling right now as we approach our summer launches!

Exciting times ahead...

Summer 2014 is an exciting time for us and for the incredible development teams we work as Pure Pool, Flyhunter Origins and Table Top Racing will all be launching this summer.  We launched the Pure Pool trailer in the aftermath of E3 – which should give fans a nice inkling as to what they can expect to see when the game arrives this summer. And there’s plenty more awesomeness where that came from.

The Pure Pool Trailer was just the first of many stupendous things that we’ll be sending your way in the coming weeks. We’ll be making announcements as the summer continues so keep your eyes peeled for every last detail! You don’t want to miss a trick.

Be sure to follow us @RipstoneGames for all the latest game updates, competitions and all other kinds of awesomeness.

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Video of the Week: Balls out! New Pure Pool Trailer

27th June 2014

Many pool simulators have claimed to have cracked the game on console in the past, but VooFoo Studios' Pure Pool offers fans the greatest reason of all time to pick up a virtual cue – it’s the next best thing to real life pool. We exhibited the game earlier this month at E3, and everyone who got to experience it in action felt the effects first hand.

Now the rest of the world can see exactly what was turning heads in LA as a new video is released...

VooFoo Studios has a growing reputation for superior game simulations with stunning hyper real visuals, from Hustle Kings to Pure Chess, and their latest opus raises the bar higher than ever. Launching on PC via Steam, Playstation®4 and Xbox One Pure Pool offers immediately accessible gameplay with high quality visuals and flawless physics, but there's so much more to it than that.

Join The Cue

Pure Pool is a socially connected game through and through and will immerse you in a bustling virtual pool hall packed with online players, all just itching to get racked up and take you on!  Be it in a one-off head-to-head or as part of one of many global online leagues.

However, the unique Pure DNA profiling feature even gives solo gameplay a social dimension, allowing you to practice your shots against friends in their absence by playing an AI interpretation based on their playing styles. Players will even be able to take on the developers, simply by downloading their DNA profiles – which will be free at launch.

Pure Pool will be available to download soon, but for now just feast your eyes upon what lies in store... and prepare for the most authentic pool experience from the comfort of your couch!

Follow us @RipstoneGames and the devs @VooFoo on Twitter. Keep a look out for Pure Pool updates, sneak peeks and competitions!

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Ripstone on the Road: E3 2014 here we come!

08th June 2014

That exciting time of year has come around once again! The LA convention centre will be opening its doors for E3 2014 this week, welcoming tens of thousands of games industry folk from across the globe over three glorious days of gaming.

We’ll be there this year exhibiting a fair few indie titles, along with film industry veterans Steel Wool Games. Their platform adventure game and first ever title Flyhunter Origins will be playable on the show floor on the Nvidia and Sony booths. The Xbox One version of VooFoo Studios Pure Pool is being exhibited on the ID@Xbox booth and PlayRise Digital’s micro combat racer Table Top Racing on PS Vita will also be making an appearance on the show floor during live stage demos and interviews.

If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year come say hello and check em out! 

We’ll also be posting updates live from the show floor – so if you can't make it, let us know via Twitter or Facebook if there’s anything in particular you'd like us to keep a look out for.

See you on the other side of the pond!

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Steel Wool Games Super-fly Platform-Adventure game is landing this summer!

28th May 2014

Flyhunter Origins will be swooshing onto PS Vita, PC, Mac, Mobile and Tegra powered devices!

Film industry veterans Steel Wool Games will be bringing their debut title Flyhunter Origins to PS Vita, PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Tegra powered devices this summer!

Developed by some of the finest artists and animators in the film industry – Flyhunter Origins delivers the sort of high quality cutscenes, characters and story that you would expect from a team with Steel Wool Games extraordinary credentials.

Let’s set the scene…  Zak is a bumbling alien spaceship Janitor and wannabe Flyhunter from Burgarol 3. He works on board the Flyhunter Crew’s legendary spaceship; ‘The Frog’ but deep down he longs for an exciting adventure of his own. Somewhere in Earth’s orbit, while the heroic Flyhunters are deep in cryo sleep; The Frog’s cargo of super-important exotic insects from the latest hunt is mysteriously jettisoned into Space, crash-landing back on planet Earth! It seems that clumsy Janitor Zak is the only one around to save the day. Can this accidental hero swap his sweeping brush for a super-cool fly swatter and take on the role of daring Flyhunter? It’s a good job Zak’s used to cleaning up – because he’s in a huge mess! Hurry! Help this little dude complete his mission, before “The Investors” find out their expensive bugs are missing!

Watch Zak in action in the bug spanking new teaser trailer above. You can even head on over to Facebook and Twitter and give this awesome team some love! :-)

About Steel Wool Games

Steel Wool Games was created by five artists, who decided to take their passion, creativity and combined 60 years of experience in the animation industry to make games and start their own indie studio. The team has worked on such films as Disney•Pixar's, "Brave," "The Incredibles," "Toy Story", "Monsters University", "Ratatouille" and many others. Steel Wool games looks forward to releasing their first title in summer 2014 which will be published by Ripstone.

Visit for more information.

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There’s some new Ripstoners in town!

25th May 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Ripstone HQ! We’ve been to Nordic Game in lovely Sweden, we've launched Pure Chess on PS4, Stick It To The Man on Wii U and PS4 and now for the cherry on top – we’ve added two new members to the Ripstone crew!

Say hello to Jack and Mark!

Joining us from Team 17 in sunny West Yorkshire - Jack is the latest addition to our PR & Marketing Team. After spending the last two years working in QA on the legendary Worms series Jack is stepping into his first Marketing role as Publishing Assistant here at Ripstone. If he’s not enjoying a good gaming session you'll find Jack honing his design skills in Photoshop Illustrator, getting involved in a bit of football banter and lifting heavy things at the Gym. But the key to his heart is a large serving of deliciously unhealthy Mexican food! Nom!

Mark has joined our Production team from a senior QA role at SCEE, where he started his careeer back in 1995. This industry veteran’s love of games began back in the early 80’s when he sampled the delights of the Sinclair ZX81 and ZX Spectrum in WH Smiths. As well as being an avid gamer, in his spare time Mark also enjoys dabbling in a bit of astronomy, photography, travelling and (most importantly) drinking red wine.

We think you'll agree... they'll both fit right in!

Feel free to say hello to the new Ripstoners on Twitter: @DaftKnight @Mark_Pittam and don’t be afraid to give us some love while you’re at it @RipstoneGames :-)

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Video of the Week - Be More Cat!

18th May 2014

This week we pay homage to the incredible ninja skills of Tara the cat, who has clearly spent some time training in the mountains with Pai Mei. Not only did she selflessly save a little boy, she also taught the world a valuable lesson - cats are badass!!

Tara - we salute you! Please don't hurt us ;-)

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Pure Pool is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Steam this Summer!

08th May 2014

And there's way more than just shiny balls racked for launch...

Improving on the unprecedented formula of the critically-acclaimed Hustle Kings, the awesome team at VooFoo have been working day and night to achieve a whole new level of realism in Pure Pool. You can expect the same jaw-dropping, quality visuals and pure experience. But there’s way more than responsive balls and HD cloth to look forward to in the ultimate next-gen pool game! This generation of console has already got balls and Pure Pool delivers a connected experience both on and offline, comparable only to real life pool.

Whether you wish to hone your skills solo or weigh up against the competition Pure Pool has been built from the ground-up on the premise of connecting players. As a result the game will immerse you in a living, breathing pool hall, with all the buzz and vibrancy of a real pool-playing environment!

Pure Pool also offers live online Multiplayer so you can compete against worthy opponents in both head-to-head matches and in global online leagues.  As if that wasn’t enough; Pure Pool will also track your individual gaming-style, creating a unique DNA profile as you play. You can even play against an AI rendition of your friends and foes when they’re not online!

“We plan to set the bar on digital pool higher than ever before with Pure Pool,” says Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios. “Since the success of Pure Chess and Hustle Kings, we wanted to follow up with an even better game for next-gen systems—one that would truly emulate a real experience, and captivate both pool fans and the general gaming populace alike.”

Pure Pool Key Features:

  • Photo-realistic graphics and detailed visuals
  • Live online Mutiplayer
  • DNA-profiling allows players to compete against the play-style of their friends or foes anytime
  • A fine-tuned physics engine for super-smooth gameplay
  • Bustling pool hall for an immersive pool experience
  • The most authentic pool experience players can get outside of real life

Stay tuned for more updates people! In the meantime you can check out Pure Pool's awesome balls to your heart's content in the shiny teaser trailer:

Be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates, giveaways and general awesomeness :-) and if you've got any burning questions or decent ball jokes, holla!

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Its been a Sticky week!

02nd May 2014

Stick it to the Man!  The Arm-azing psychic platform adventure game from Swedish super-devs Zoink! Games finally arrived on PS4 and Wii U this week! As if that wasn't enough, the game is also completely FREE on PS Plus right now in Europe and it's coming to PS Plus subscribers in the US next Tuesday 6th May

Stick it to the Man! priced at £6.99 / €7.99 / $9.99 (on both consoles) follows the hilarious adventure of Hardhat Tester Ray Doewood, who lives in a world made of paper and stickers. After a bizarre accident at work one day; Ray wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain – giving him extraordinary mind-reading powers! Suddenly, Ray can hear people’s inner most thoughts and transform the paper world around him by tearing it, folding it and using the crazy stickers he finds to solve brain-twisting puzzles! Digging in the brains of his fellow citizens – including Santa Claus, a Captain Ahab and Elvis (to name but a few!); it’s up to Ray to gather clues from countless deranged characters all while trying to get to grips with his awesome new abilities and evading the evil clutches of ‘The Man’! Can you help Ray get out of this sticky situation?

There are perks to both PS4 and Wii U versions thanks to those awesome Zoinkers! With the PS4 version; the team have taken full advantage of PS4 technology to enhance the game even further. Players can look forward to new and improved crystal-clear 1080p visuals and a buttery smooth frame rate. You can even hear the ridiculous thoughts of Flathood's strange residents through your DualShock®4 speakers. As for the Wii U version - the amazing team at Zoink! have created a completely unique and cool new way to read minds with the Wii U GamePad - just for Nintendo fans! Further separating the mind reading world, from Ray's world.

In either case, you’ll find it difficult to peel yourself off the couch! 

How does that make you feel?

Share your favourite Stick It To The Man! moments using #StickItGame, #PS4Share and #WiiU hastags on Twitter and (of course!) feel free to post on the Stick It To The Man! Facebook page too!  

Check out the website for more information and if you've got any questions or feedback for us, about the game or any of our other games, get in touch :-)

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Pure Chess PS4 FAQ

28th April 2014

Here ye, Here ye! The next generation of Chess is upon us. VooFoo Studios latest and greatest iteration of Pure Chess landed on PS4 last week; taking the ultimate Pure Chess crown. Since then, many of you have been asking us questions about the game via email, Twitter, Facebook and the PlayStation Blogs; so we thought it'd be nice to share all of your questions, and all of our answers right here!

We're always looking for ways to improve our games so we appreciate every last smidgen of feedback we get. If there's anything you'd like to say about Pure Chess (or any of our other games) that we've not covered off below, get in touch!

Can I use my DLC Chess sets and Environments online? Yes, you certainly can! Certain sets are tied to specific environments in-game; you can only play with the Park Animals set in the Park environment for example - but you can totally use all DLC packs in online matches :-)

Does Pure Chess PS4 come with live online Multiplayer? The Multiplayer is asynchronous - meaning it’s essentially play-by-mail, which you can enjoy with up to 6 real life, online opponents simultaneously. It has to be said that the PS4 does make the whole asynchronous experience much slicker; the PS3 version pales in comparison in fact! As your opponent makes a move, you will see it almost instantly (providing you're online, of course) followed by a waiting screen. The guys at VooFoo are currently working hard to make the asynchronous Multiplayer experience even more seamless – removing the waiting screen, so it actually feels like real time play. We'll update you guys on that front a-sap!

How do I get around idle matches without affecting my ELO rating? While Pure Chess certainly isn't the sort of game that should be rushed, we totally appreciate how frustrating it can be when matches go idle. People have different skill levels and play at different speeds, but leaving a match without warning is just plain rude! You'll be very pleased to hear that VooFoo are currently working on a solution for those pesky idle matches as we speak, particularly a way around them affecting your ELO rating. The idea is that you'll be able to opt to auto-win a match if a player is idle for a certain length of time, which will leave your hard earned ELO rating untarnished. It would be great to hear how long you think "too long" is! ;-) We'll let you know more details on this fix as soon as we can!

Does Pure Chess PS4 come with Stereoscopic 3D Support?Stereoscopic 3D is supported in the PS3 version but to be honest; it's not something we ever had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on. With this in mind the dev time was spent strengthening the 2D visuals in the PS4 version, which (you'll hopefully agree) paid off.

Is Pure Chess PS4 cross-buy? So if I have it on PS Vita or PS3 do I get it on PS4? Initially, when the game launched on PS3 and PS Vita - it wasn't actually cross-buy and we've maintained this approach with the PS4 version. Ripstone have been big supporters of cross-buy with some of our other titles; Big Sky Infinity, Knytt Underground and Stick It To The Man – go check them out!

We'd love to give the game away for free right now but the devs need to eat… and Chocolate Hobnobs (in large quantities) aren’t cheap ;-)

Can I play Pure Chess PS4 cross-platform with other Pure Chess users on different consoles and devices? Not at the moment, but this is definitely something we'll be looking to implement between PlayStation Platforms (at the very least) in the future. If you already have the game on Wii U, 3DS, Android or iOS – you can play cross-platform on any of these devices, right now! We'll update you guys with the details on the PS4 cross-platform front soon!

How much is the game in Europe? At launch there was a minor pricing error on the European PlayStation Store, affecting the full game price. The game should actually be priced at £4.99 not £6.79, so our sincerest apologies for this. We’ve already rectified the pricing error with Sony and the correct pricing of £4.99 / €5.99.

Will I be able to play multiple games at once? Totally! You can play in up to 6 local or offline matches simultaneously - go nuts! 

Will you be releasing any more cool Chess Sets? We’re working through oodles of ideas for new sets and location, and welcome suggestions from our fans :-) so watch this space!!

Hopefully that's helped clear things up at little. If you have any other questions for us or for the lovely devs themselves, feel free to drop us a mail and we'll get back to you with the speed of 1,000 Gazelles! You can even follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily game updates, giveaways and all other kinds of awesomeness! We'll be doing some code giveaways over the next few weeks too, so now would be a pretty good time follow us ;-) head on over and feel the love!

Thanks so much again for all your awesome feedback so far guys, keep it coming!

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The eShop's about to get Sticky...

24th April 2014

Stick It To The Man! will be making its eShop debut on 1st May in Europe and in the US!

The eccentric and totally hilarious psychic platform-adventure game will be arriving on Wii U next week! From the awesomely talanted devs at Zoink! Stick It To The Man! will be launching on both sides of the pond simultaneously on 1st May priced at £6.99 / €7.99 / $9.99.

The game centres around hardhat tester; Ray Doewood – who has a bizarre accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain! Standard stuff really. This absurd fluorescent arm (which is invisible to others) gives Ray awesome powers, allowing him to hear people’s thoughts and change the crazy paper world around him with stickers! Digging in the brains of his fellow citizens – including the likes of Santa Claus, a Pregnant General and Elvis (to name but a few); it’s up to Ray to gather clues from countless insane characters and solve mind-boggling puzzles – all while trying to escape the evil clutches of The Man! Can you help to get Ray out of this sticky situation?

Those fun-loving Zoinkers have been beavering away to create a cool and completely new way to play the game just for Nintendo fans! The Wii U version features a totally unique way of using the GamePad to mindread characters – further separating the mind reading world from Ray’s world.

Can’t wait a whole week for the Wii U version? Well fear not! In the meantime you can check out the awesome Wii U Teaser Trailer (and our video of the week!) demonstrating this amazing new feature!

Check out the awesome Stick It To The Man website for more information and join in the conversation on Twitter #StickItGame

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Stick It To The Man sticking itself to PS4!

09th April 2014

Stick It To The Man sticking itself to PS4!

We've read your minds and found out you wanted a next-gen version of the critically acclaimed crazy mind-reading puzzle game Stick It To The Man – so we’re bringing it to you on PlayStation®4 really soon!

If you own a PS4 and have always wanted to be able to read people’s minds and find out what they’re really thinking – you’ll soon be able to. Stick It To The Man has been enhanced to take advantage of next-gen features, Ray’s madcap adventures are now displayed in pin-sharp 1080p and the DualShock®4 controller speakers are used to tap into characters thoughts in the game, further separating the mindreading world from Ray’s world.

The game will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation®4 from 30th April in Europe, and 6th May in the US. The game is also coming to Wii U in late Spring 2014, release date to be announced shortly.

Check out the website for more information or head to the facebook page for sneak peeks and competitions. You can also get involved in the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #StickItGame  

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Pure Chess - The Next Generation!

04th April 2014

Pure Chess - The Next Generation!

You heard it here first!

Pure Chess is making its move onto PlayStation 4 this month! April 15th/16th to be precise.

If you were impressed by the stereoscopic 3D awesomeness and gob smacking HD visuals on offer in Pure Chess on PlayStation 3, prepare to be absolutely blown away by what VooFoo have achieved with the glorious power of PS4 tech – making this the definitive version!

The game will be £4.99 / € 5.99 / $7.99 but chess fans can also get their hands on the best value Complete Bundle for £9.99 / €11.99 / $14.99. And PlayStation Plus users can look forward to some discounts at launch too!

Check out the stunning trailer as our featured video of the week and let us know what you think on facebook and twitter.

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COMPETITION TIME: Pure Chess on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS

18th March 2014

COMPETITION TIME: Pure Chess on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS









Pure Chess is launching this week (20th March) on Wii U & Nintendo 3DS. The team at Nintendo Life caught up with developers VooFoo to get the low-down on cross-platform play, the games stunning visuals, and their first experiences of working on a Nintendo game. 

We took a sneaky photo whilst they were chatting - and we want you to caption it! Our favourite caption will win a copy of Pure Chess on either Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. It can be funny, witty, or just whatever comes into your mind when you look at the photo!

Click 'Read More' to see how to enter

You can enter the competition on our facebook page - simply write your caption below the photo on our timeline, posted 18th March 2014.

You can enter as many times as you like, let your creativity flow.

The competition will close at midday (GMT) on 25th March 2014.

The winner will have the choice of either a Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS code for the game Pure Chess. It is a digital download code, not a physical game that you will receive. 

The prize can only be provided to someone who has a US or European Nintendo account; entries from Australia & New Zealand will only have the option of choosing a Wii U code.

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Pure Chess is coming to Nintendo 3DS & Wii U on 20th March!

12th March 2014

Pure Chess is coming to Nintendo 3DS & Wii U on 20th March!

Hurrah! We hear you cry...

We know you've been waiting a long time for us to confirm the release date of Pure Chess on Nintendo 3DS & Wii U after it got announced last year, and believe us - we're glad to finally be able to give you it!

The visual geniuses at Voofoo have successfully utilised the cross-platform play feature, meaning Pure Chess fans can play against their friends on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. 

This was something we all wanted to see in the game, but we underestimated the effort & technicalities involved with getting it right. We think the delay has been worth it, and we hope you all agree. 

So don't forget to head to the eShop on 20th March where you can download the game for £4.99 / €5.99 / $7.99, in the meantime you can check out the trailer here - and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Stick It To The Man with these bargains!

26th February 2014

Stick It To The Man with these bargains!


As an end of the month treat we’ve got discounts galore on Stick It To The Man by Zoink – so now you have no excuse not to get it!

You can save 50% on Steam until 3rd March

The PlayStation version of the game is available in the Vita anniversary sale for less than a fiver (that’s British pounds, by the way!) – with even more off for PS+ members , but you’ll have to hurry – this offer ends TODAY!

Over on the other side of the pond you can grab the game on PS3 & Vita for under $7 until 4th March

Don't forget - on PS4 & Vita the game is cross-buy too, so that's two games for the price of one!

You can let us know what you think of the game on the facebook page, or by joining the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #StickItGame

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Video Of The Week - Chess Dual: Bill Gates Vs Magnus Carlsen

24th January 2014

Ever seen a ninja brain in action? Someone who processes thoughts with the speed of a thousand gazelles, making decisions with such accuracy and enthusiasm - it actually gives you motion sickness? Well, here it is! Bill Gates; one of the worlds greatest modern thinkers, getting his ass handed to him in this lightening round of Chess. He only lasted seventy one seconds in his daring dual! But to be fair, he was up against Norwegian Grandmaster; Magnus Carlsen - whose name is almost as epic as his mind-boggling Chess skills.

One things for sure - Bill needs to up his game and get practicing his Chess moves! Pure Chess anyone? :-)

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Video Of The Week - Some Awesome Stick It To The Man voices!

17th January 2014

What do we have for you this week? Well, the title should give you a bit of a clue... we've got a video of Jonathan Cooke, one of the voice actors featured in Stick It To The Man! He does the voices of Harry the Security Guard, and The Seagull: two completely different voices! It's crazy to see how easily he can change his voice without any effort at all - some of us at Ripstone struggle to put a sentence together & speak properly on a Monday morning; so we're always impressed by anyone who can do these amazing crazy things with their vocal chords!

Also, pretty impressive how he can keep a straight face when talking about pooping on people's head - a true professional!

Check Jonathan out in our featured video or head to our youtube channel to check it out.

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