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New Transmission: Plague Inc. Evolved Infects PS4

27th May 2016

So the secret is out and we are very excited to share that we have been working with Ndemic Creations to bring Plague Inc. Evolved to PlayStation 4!

Our internal development team have been busy working with the amazing team at Ndemic to bring Plague to PlayStation and have really enjoyed bringing the game to a new platform.

Even MORE exciting than the fact that we can finally talk about our involvement with the game (and how much we love it), is that it's out on Tuesday! This Tuesday. 31st May. It's safe to say we are very excited.

If you're based in Europe or Australia you can pre-order the game right now on the PlayStation Store to receive a discount. You can also check out the trailer over at Ndemic Creation's YouTube channel.

Keeping secrets is hard.


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May: The Month of Sales

26th May 2016

We warned you that this was going to happen.. With sales on PSN, sales on the iTunes Store, sales on Xbox One, Vita, PS3 AND PS4, we have officially crowned May as the month of sales. 

Take a look below at some of the deals you can make the most of during the May Bank Holiday Weekend!



The swanky new Pure Bundle has now launched on Xbox One and to celebrate there is currently 50% off until 30/05/2016! The bundle includes both Pure Pool and Pure Hold'em, as well as Snooker DLC for Pool, and two chip sets for Pure Hold'em.









Not forgetting Playstation Pure fans! Plan your attack in style with the Pure Chess Complete Bundle, which is on sale for PS3, PS4 and Playstation Vita in Europe until 01/06/2016.

The Complete Bundle includes the full game and all DLC packs: Easter Island, Halloween, Temple, Park, Forest and Battalion. 

PS4 players can also pick up the standalone version of Pure Chess for just £2.49 until 01/06/2016. 






Pure Pool is also on sale in Europe on PS4, with 50% off until 01/06/2016. PS+ players can get an extra 10% off this sale too, so don't miss out!

Take your best shot across 4 game modes and experience the next best thing to real pool from the comfort of your living room.




Over on mobile, Flyhunter Origins and Gun Commando will be on sale on the iOS App Store for £0.99/$0.99 until 01/06/2016. 

Whilst Men's Room Mayhem will be completely free on iOS until 30/05/2016! Take toilet gaming to a new level over the Bank Holiday weekend and become the master of bathroom etiquette.


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Ironcast Fans Bring Custom Mechs to Life

20th May 2016

When we launched the Ironcast mech competition earlier this year we had absolutely NO idea how many amazing entries we would receive. We were completely blown away when they began arriving in our inbox. Really reminded us how talented our players are!

As well as hanging them in pride of place on the Ripstone 'Wall of Fame' in the office, we wanted to share some of our favourite entries with you on here whilst also saying thank you to everyone that entered. We will be running more competitions in the very near future so watch this space! 


Thank you to everyone that entered the competition and sent in a custom mech design! If you haven't checked out Ironcast yet, head over to the Playstation, Xbox or Steam Store to storm the battlefield in your very own war mech.



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Ripstone supports SpecialEffect's One Special Day initiative

11th May 2016


Ripstone are supporting charity SpecialEffect by donating 100% of our sales towards the One Special Day initiative on 15th July 2016. We're going to donate takings from across our entire catalogue of games including DLC on all platforms, including Steam, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and mobile.

SpecialEffect’s mission is to enable anyone, whatever their physical disability, to enjoy video games. They’ve launched the 'One Special Day' initiative on 15th July to encourage the games industry to be loud and proud about levelling the playing field for gamers with disabilities. We hope you'll all support us on this day!

Michelle Turner, Head of PR & Marketing at Ripstone, said “Ripstone love the work that SpecialEffect does to bring the joy of gaming to young people with disabilities and look forward to being part of an historic day for SpecialEffect and the games industry! We really hope the community will get behind this & help us spread the word & raise money for this worthwhile cause.”

Dr Mick Donegan, CEO and Founder SpecialEffect, said, "I'm genuinely stunned by the news that Ripstone have pledged 100% of takings for their entire catalogue of games and DLC on 'One Special Day'. This amazing commitment will help SpecialEffect make a life-changing difference for gamers with disabilities."

One Special Day is open to all companies working in the games industry. To find out more, visit  To get involved, contact the SpecialEffect team on +44 (0)1608 810055 or 07984 822433, or email

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Pure Hold'em Tournaments: Bigger Prize Pots, More XP

28th April 2016

Earlier this month we launched a new update for Pure Hold'em on Steam. We are VERY excited to now be able to share some more details about the recent update and what it means for our Pure Hold'em players! 

As part of the update, a new Scheduled Tournament feature has been added. This invites players to join time controlled tournaments played on defined tables, with bonuses set by ourselves and the development team at VooFoo.


As an added bonus for taking part in these scheduled tournaments a bigger prize pot is available, and players will also earn more XP.

Currently, the tournaments are scheduled for the same time every day and include different tables each day.

The times are as follows:

20:00 GMT / 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT

22:00 GMT / 23:00 CEST / 17:00 EDT / 14:00 PDT

01:00 GMT / 02:00 CEST / 20:00 EDT / 17:00 PDT

04:00 GMT / 05:00 CEST / 23:00 EDT / 20:00 PDT

Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday  
20:00 GMT Jack's Table (x2) 20:00 GMT Jack's Table (x2) 20:00 GMT Queen's Table (x2)
22:00 GMT King's Table (x2) 22:00 GMT Queen's Table (x2) 22:00 GMT Ace's Table (x2)
01:00 GMT Jack's Table (x2) 01:00 GMT Jack's Table (x2) 01:00 GMT Queen's Table (x2)
04:00 GMT King's Table (x2) 04:00 GMT Queen's Table (x2) 04:00 GMT Ace's Table (x2)


Thursday   Friday  
20:00 GMT Queen's Table (x2) 20:00 GMT Jack's Table (x2)
22:00 GMT King's Table (x2) 22:00 GMT Ace's Table (x2)
01:00 GMT Queen's Table (x2) 01:00 GMT Jack's Table (x2)
04:00 GMT King's Table (x2) 04:00 GMT Ace's Table (x2)


Saturday   Sunday  
20:00 GMT Queen's Table (x3) 20:00 GMT Queen's Table (x3)
22:00 GMT Masters' Table (x2) 22:00 GMT Masters' Table (x2)
01:00 GMT Queen's Table (x3) 01:00 GMT Queen's Table (x3)
04:00 GMT Masters' Table (x2) 04:00 GMT Masters' Table (x2)

The multiplier amount is shown in brackets next to the defined table for each tournament.

Good luck on the tables!

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UKIE Student Game Jam

25th April 2016

Earlier this month our friends over at Ukie were busy keeping us all on our toes with a series of great events and initiatives as part of London Games Festival! As part of the celebrations, we were invited to support the annual Ukie Student Game and jumped at the chance to get stuck in.

Our Assistant Producer Rachael stepped up to the mark to mentor a great team from London Southbank University, self-titled 'The Slippery Dippers'. (Don't ask).

Want to know more about what it means to be a mentor? Rachael has shared her experience below.

Hello! I’m Rachael and I am the Assistant Producer here at Ripstone. When I’m not looking after our games here, I love to get involved with local gaming events and meetups. Not only is it really fun to get to know your peers working in the industry, it’s also really inspiring and keeps your creative motivation high, so when I get back to work at Ripstone I’m full of fresh new ideas!

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to act as a mentor for Ukie’s 2016 Student Game Jam, which this year was part of the brand new London Games Festival. Given just 36 hours, 15 different student teams from universities across the country were asked to compete against each other to create the best game. Ukie support and encourage upcoming talent in the games industry, whilst also offering students the opportunity to connect with people who are currently working in the games industry. And of course, to finally showcase the students’ abilities in their finished game!

For me, I relished the opportunity of working with a new set of faces that would, no doubt, approach the creative process in a very different way to the way I usually would. I find it invaluable to be encouraged to see things with a new perspective, and to look at things in a completely different way to what has been done before.

As a mentor, my role was to offer advice and guidance to the group that I was assigned to during the process.  Luckily, I was assigned an awesome team who were up for the challenge: Team “Slippery Dippers” from London South Bank University. When the theme of “Utopia” was announced, the team quickly formed a strong game idea that fit with the theme, whilst also keeping in mind the criteria in which they were being judged on.

The game they created, “UrTopia” was a mobile game in which the player has to defend and protect their utopian planet from anything that might threaten its balance. Whether this may be meteors, invasions, natural disasters, it is your job to keep order in this little world of yours.

With this in mind, the team cracked on to make it happen! It was an ambitious game to make in a short time, so I helped them to organise their schedule and responsibilities, whilst also specifying and finalising the structure of the game design. We also performed build reviews together over skype to discuss how the game was progressing, and what their next steps would be. A game jam can be an intense couple of days, so they kept spirits high by creating a Twitter handle for their team, and sharing their progress on their game for other to see and comment on. (You can see their progress by searching for @SlipperyDippers)

When the jam drew to a close in the wee hours of the night, the team delivered the final build of UrTopia to Ukie, and took a well-deserved break after it! Throughout the entire process, they were passionate, involved and eager to receive advice and opinions. After the hand-in, we had a short debrief where we discussed if, indeed, they had found the process useful or not. Fortunately, they said they did enjoy the jam! Some of the reasons included quickly identifying and recognising the strengths in their team mates, whilst also beginning to network with other game students and industry professionals. They even discussed the opportunity of taking part in further jams soon!

The standard of work is always exceptionally high in these game jams, and this year the teams from Brunel University and the University of Chester took home winning prizes. But from working with my team at London South Bank, I know they’re going to go on to create amazing things, so watch out for them in the future!

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Ironcast Commanders: It's Competition Time

22nd March 2016

To celebrate the launch of Ironcast on PS4 and Xbox One we are giving away a pair of custom steampunk controllers! 


Ironcast stormed onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this month, combining turn based strategy combat with a rich, alternate 1880's timeline. In true Ironcast style, the controllers up for grabs are hand designed and feature custom steampunk-esque leatherwork and studding.

So, you may ask, 'How do I get my hands on one?' 

To be in with the chance of winning either a PS4 controller OR an Xbox One controller, all you have to do is send us a design for your own unique war mech or Ironcast. 

Sketch it, paint it, build it using Lego, design it in PhotoShop; do whatever it takes to bring your Ironcast to life!

The guidelines for submissions (there are only two) are:

- Each entry must specify which controller competition the entry is for. (PS4 OR Xbox One) Each entry can only be entered for one competition.
- Submissions must be emailed to or shared on Twitter using the hashtag #IroncastPS4 for the PS4 controller competition, or #IroncastXB1 for the Xbox One controller competition.

Two winners will be chosen and each will receive a custom Ironcast controller, a copy of Ironcast, signed artwork from the developer Daniel at Dreadbit Games and some other cool stuff from the Ripstone office! We will also be selecting some runners-up who will win some cool Ironcast swag and a copy of the game.

The last date for entries into the competition is Friday 22nd April and the winners will be chosen by the Ripstone gang.

Terms and conditions

1. The competition is being hosted by Ripstone Ltd.
2. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter the competition.
3. No cash alternative to prizes will be offered and the prizes are non transferable. 
4. Winners will be chosen by the Ripstone team and the decision made is final.
5. All entrants of the competition agree to the use of his/her name and entry in any publicity material produced by Ripstone Games and Dreadbit Games.
6. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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The Ripstone Girls Go Back to School

18th March 2016

This week we were invited to Upton Hall School in Wirral to talk all things game publishing to a room full of girls thinking about their futures. Who could say no to that?

With Upton Hall being an all girls school, we were delighted to be invited to shout about how much we love what we do! We packed as much cool stuff as we could ('cool' might be a bit optimistic) into the back of Rachael's car and ventured over the water.

The response from the girls was amazing! We spoke to lots of future programmers, artists and designers all thinking about the career opportunities available to them in the games industry. They asked all the right questions, bled us dry of home-made career leaflets and even said nice things about our games! 


The girls at Upton Hall were all aged between 14 and 19, and we think this is a great time to start exploring where the games industry could take them.

For me, I knew early on that I wanted a career in marketing and chose a degree that reflected that decision back when I was 17. On the flip side, our Assistant Producer Rachael studied Architecture at University and now uses all the transferable skills she learnt to keep our lovely indie devs happy and in the loop. There is no right or wrong way to get where you want to be, but here are 5 things that me and Rachael think are pretty important when it comes to exploring your dream job in games!

1. Jump in with both feet 

Think you can see an opportunity on the horizon? Grab it with both hands and make it happen. Work experience, shadowing, internships, Q&A sessions; these are all great ways to learn more about what you want to do and how you're going to get there. 

2. Build the perfect portfolio
Artists, PR gurus, journos, designers; this one is important! Pull together your best pieces of work and make sure it's accessible online. Try to ask someone for constructive feedback, and look out for UKIE career bars at events throughout the year. The lovely UKIE gang are there to offer support with CVs and portfolios specific to the games industry. 

3. Do your research! 
Explore all the roles available to you and decide which ones you think you will enjoy, as well as ones that fit your skillset. Our mantra is that it's just as important to love your job as it is to be good at it!

4. Get involved
Twitter is a great place to join the conversation about careers in games. Get involved with weekly events like #ScreenshotSaturday and #IndieDevHour (7pm every Wednesday) and share what you're working on. Also make sure to check out local events in your area that could help you to get your name out there. Liverpool, which is where we call home, hosts loads of great meet-ups for everyone from testers to Internet of Things enthusiasts.

5. Have fun!
As far as we're concerned, working in games is a blast. We love what we do and reckon you will too!

Useful Resources

- Hollie, Social Media & Community Coordinator @ Ripstone

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To Arms Commanders; Ironcast Has Landed on PS4 and Xbox One!

02nd March 2016

Ironcast launched onto PS4 and Xbox One this week with some amazing reviews and gameplay videos storming the Ripstone office! The game is now available on both the EU and US Playstation Store and PS+ members can take advantage of a 20% launch discount this week only.

EU Playstation Store
US Playstation Store

Xbox Store

"Ironcast is one of the most refreshing games I've played in months."
8/10 - PS Gamer

"A Frankenstein-esque steampunk monster of a game." 
81% - Mouse n Joypad

"Ironcast is a marvelous puzzle game that blends perfectly with other genres to create a stunning and addictive experience."
87% - Game Geekz

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Ironcast Steams onto PS4 and Xbox One this March

18th February 2016

We are very excited to announce that Ironcast is arriving on PS4 and Xbox One in just two weeks! The game will hit digital shelves on 1st & 2nd March for PlayStation®4, dependent on region, and worldwide for Xbox One players on 4th March.

Ironcast is set in an alternative Victorian history; where refined men and women commanded gigantic mechanised war machines, laying waste to enemies of the British Empire. As Commanders of the Consortium of Merit, players take control of their own 7 metre tall walking Ironcast. Gamers must face off against an invading force of enemy Ironcast in order to defend 1880's Victorian England.

Battles are fought by generating resource nodes which in turn drive the Ironcast's various weapons and systems. Players must choose how to spend these nodes wisely, either offensively in order to cripple and destroy their opponents, or defensively, if they suspect a barrage of incoming weapon fire is due.

Watch the brand new launch trailer over on our YouTube channel and prepare for battle! Be a hero, join the fight and save your country. (or at least, try to..)

Join the conversation about all things Ironcast on Twitter! Follow us at @RipstoneGames and stay in touch with the developers at @DreadbitGames.

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Ripstone on the Road: GDC

17th February 2016

So it's that time of year again and we are jetting off to the West coast for a week of beach parties and cocktails by the pool. But more importanty.. we'll be at GDC!

We will be in and around San Fransisco for the Game Developers Conference which runs from 14th - 18th March at the Moscone Center, looking to talk to as many of of you lovely lot as possible about all things games, publishing and whatever else you fancy.

If you would like to arrange a meeting, enquire about being our friends or talk to us about a game you are working on then drop us an email to

See you on the other side!

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