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Happy Comic Book Day!

25th September 2014

It's Comic Book Day so to celebrate this glorious occasion, we've pepared some lovely shots of the team looking remarkably similar to their favourite superhero’s and superheroine’s...enjoy!










Phil “Iron Man” Gaskell – he keeps us in the loop with the most cutting edge tech and gadgets, but burns the carpet during take-off and landing.















Leo “Superman” Cubbin – protects us from health and safety hazards at all costs, unless the planet is in danger. He’s convinced that he’s a master of disguise, but those glasses aren’t fooling anyone.

















Ste “Captain America” Griffiths – is the king of opening doors and pulling out chairs for ladies. He keeps morale in check in the office and has a zero tolerance policy on obscenities and bad manners.









Michelle “Wonder Woman” Turner – she kicks ass; self-explanatory really :-) although, like everyone, she has her good days and her bad days.

















Ami “Shera” Langton – shields the office with her sword of protection. But considering her only mode of transport is a unicorn, that skirt is way too SHORT.

So, we think you’ll all agree – the resemblance is uncanny ;-)

Which superhero best represents you?

We’ll be back next week with another blog post. In the meantime don’t forget to give us a like/ follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Pure Pool Update 1.02 Now Live on PS4

10th September 2014

The latest Pure Pool update (version 1.02 to be precise) is now available on PS4 and includes the following fixes:

1. Online freeze issues have now been resolved

2. Trophy fixes:

  • Pure Pool Pro
  • Pure Pool Veteran
  • Pure Pool Grandmaster
  • The Ultimate Accolade
  • Pure Trophy (platinum)

Many thanks to the community for their continued feedback. Please keep it coming, we appreciate your insight. If there's anything you'd like to say to us or to the development team VooFoo Studios please get in touch:

Come and join in the conversation on Twitter #PurePool

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Table Top Racing PS Vita Update Now Live

01st September 2014

The latest Table Top Racing update is now live and includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed All-Star Specialist Trophy
  • Fixed shortcut-blocking collision Toys 'R' Asleep track
  • Fixed music/ audio balance issue
  • Added a controls layout screen
  • Added option to turn "Look Back" via rear touch panel on/off (Default now 'off')

Huge thanks to all those who've contributed with their suggestions so far. We really appreciate your feedback. If there's anything else you'd like to tell us or the devs Playrise Digital - get in touch 

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Stick It To The Man Out Now on Xbox One!

28th August 2014

Tin foil hats at the ready! Zoink! Games critically-acclaimed psychic platform-adventure game Stick It To The Man! is available to download now from the Xbox One Games Store now priced at £6.39 / €7.99 / $9.99.

With well over 1.2 million players already across PlayStation platforms and after numerous requests from the community – Ray and The Man are finally making their Xbox One debut today. Fans can also look forward to exclusive unlocks from the team at Zoink! as they progress through the game and earn achievements.

Stick It To The Man! centres aroundhardhat tester; Ray – who has a bizarre accident at work and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain. This fluorescent arm, invisible to others, gives Ray strange powers, allowing him to hear people’s thoughts and change the paper world around him with stickers. Digging into the brains of his fellow citizens, including the likes of Santa Claus, Captain Ahab and Elvis to name but a few; it’s up to Ray to gather clues from countless insane characters and solve mind-boggling puzzles – all while trying to escape the evil clutches of The Man! Can you help Ray out of this sticky situation?

To see Ray and The Man in action, take a look at the Stick It To The Man! launch trailer here:

For more information on the game please check out the official website Fans can also keep their eyes peeled for sneak peeks and competitions on the Stick It To The Man! Facebook page and join in the conversation on Twitter #StickItGame 

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Pure Pool Update Available Now on Steam & PS4

26th August 2014

The initial Pure Pool update is available to download now on PS4 and PC via Steam.

After carefully considering feedback from the community, the team at VooFoo have developed an initial update for Pure Pool, which not only includes various improvements based on user feedback, it also delivers fresh content. Players can even look forward to the addition of the brand new game mode; UK 8-Ball (check it out in the screenshot above).

The full list of improvements for both PS4 and PC is detailed below:

  • New game mode – UK Black-Ball (UK 8-Ball) added to the roster.
  • New ‘Master’ difficulty with aim aids turned off.
  • 9-Ball free table - If the player has 9-Ball as their default game type the 9-Ball rack will be set up in free-play mode rather than the current forced 8-Ball.
  • Challenge notification icon - This displays an icon next to the players ‘Games’ option to inform them they have received a challenge from another player.
  • Offline Player Challenge notification - System level.  Invites appear in player’s notification even if they don’t have Pure Pool installed.
  • Opponent player card accessible mid-game - Allows the player to see their opponent’s player card at any time during a match.
  • Opponent able to view player’s table cam - Allows the player to see through the camera of the opponent when walking around the table.
  • Player online feed only for friends - Removed player online notifications.  Only displays friends who come online.
  • Diamonds on the table rails to help players when shooting doubles.
  • Yellow aim line made more distinct to reduce confusion between the two lines.
  • Potting the black from the break now re-racks the balls.
  • Player is now asked if they want to play against a DNA opponent or wants to continue searching for another online player.
  • DNA now displayed next to the user name to clearly mark it out as an AI player.
  • Server optimization.
  • Opponents cue movement made visible in real time in online matches.
  • Bug fix for players games not timing out and the game being awarded to the absent player.
  • Bug fix to stop the players changing their difficulty mid-challenge and posting their score/time on the incorrect leaderboard.
  • Fix for rankings and career mode trophies not being awarded (should retrospectively unlock any the player should have been awarded after one career match).
  • Fix for losing spin and table control when pressing the triangle button during a shot on PS4.
  • Fix for not being able to select language type on PC.
  • Fix for inverted controls when ball-in-hand on PC.
  • Fix for sound only coming out of headphones on PC.
  • Vibration added for power shots.

General AI improvements including:

  • Removed long AI wait times when ball near to a cushion
  • Amateur difficulty slightly toned down
  • Ability to get out of snookers reduced
  • Improved ball in hand placement

"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank fans for their patience and concise feedback which has aided us in the development of the update. We urge fans to continue to feed back to us on their experiences with the game and hope that they enjoy the improvements and fresh content on offer in the update" – Mark Williams; Technology Director, VooFoo Studios.

If you have any additional feedback about Pure Pool please get in touch: You can also join in the conversation on Twitter #PurePool.

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Work And Play

  • Mark Pittam Assistant Producer

    I've been an avid player of games since the early 1980's. I used to visit WHSmiths on the weekends to stand in their store and play games Sinclair ZX81 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K until my parents could afford to purchase one for me.

    I started in the industry way back in June 1995 (myself and Phil started at SCEE as game testers), I stayed at SCEE until February 2014. Now, I am helping produce games with the cool gang at Ripstone and have a great time.

    My interests are varied but include gaming (of course!), astronomy, photography, travelling, drinking wine, camping, drinking wine (yep, I probably drink too much of it!).


    My games career started back in 2006 when I was employed as a cleaner at Bizarre Creations (BC). But I quickly swapped my duster for an Xbox360 pad; heading up BC’s PR department under Activision Blizzard. One minute I was mopping floors and the next I was meeting Stan Lee at E3! How Cinderella ;-)

    I've loved games since the days of Alex Kidd and I've been fortunate enough to work on franchises like James Bond:007, Blur, Geometry Wars and PGR alongside some of the finest talent in the industry. And I still am here at Ripstone!

    By day I'm a Games PR guru but by night I'm a singer in a Jazz-Blues-Soul band. I also love comics, Will Ferrell films and my ultimate heroine of all time is Ellen Ripley.

  • Michelle Turner PR & MARKETING MANAGER

    My first job in PR was at Disney Interactive Studios, it was a great start to my career working on franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical and Lumines. I love working in the games industry and engaging with people that are passionate about what they do and the gamers that are passionate about what they play.

    In my spare time I love to travel, whether it's camping somewhere in the UK or living it up in a fancy hotel in Australia. I also enjoy baking, and I write my own food blog so I'm often found cooking up a storm in my kitchen on the weekend.

  • Mr Alfred 'Alfie' Bojangles HEAD OF BONES

    This is my first role in the games industry and I love it. My role is to keep check of all the bones and toys in the office & to make everyone smile. I also sit in on team meetings and make sure everyone keeps focused (on me!) & keep them motivated by licking their shoes. I act as a part-time security guard for the team (when I’m not sleeping, eating or playing) & will bark at anyone that comes in the office that I’m not sure about. 

    In my spare time I like running, playing with toys, trying to trip people over and taking regular naps. It’s a hard life being a dog and naps are a necessity!

  • Ste Griffiths SENIOR PRODUCER

    I'm passionate about the work I do and love supporting talented developers to realise their ambitions. I've been lucky enough to have produced a vast softography of titles over the past 15 years including games such as Stuart Little; the BAFTA award winning Buzz! and Buzz! Junior franchises; and most recently the PlayStation Vita launch title, Super Stardust Delta.

    Outside of work I'm a devoted husband and father of four. I enjoy watching films; fell walking; following Formula 1; attending church; and am a keen endurance runner completing my first marathon in 2011. I have a love of fast cars, and one day (hopefully soon) will own a Nissan GTR. Fact!


    I love games. Since the age of 10 it's all I ever wanted to do (except in 1986 when I wanted to be a fighter pilot), and I'm kinda banking on the prophecy that the geek will inherit the Earth! Having worked on over 50 games in my career so far, setting up Ripstone was the natural thing to do.

    Today I enjoy playing games as much as I did when I was in short trousers. More so actually. But when I'm not chasing trophies on my PS3 and PS Vita you'll find me playing football with my two little boys, or walking the Lake District fells with my friends.


    I've been in entertainment since 1983 when I was a fledgling music producer. In '88 I got a job at Radio City in Liverpool and 9 years later got my first games industry job at Psygnosis.

    After a spell at Codemasters I joined SCEE and worked almost exclusively on LittleBigPlanet from initial concept through to launch of LBP 2. The opportunity to set up Ripstone with Phil and the founders of Optimum Releasing is the highlight of my career so far and I'm really excited about the future. I'm a super-lightweight drinker and can always be relied on to get you back to your hotel at GDC.

  • Helen Johnson Social Media & Sales Assistant

     Since leaving university I knew that I wanted to be involved in creative industries, not just studying them. This led me to various roles involving art and assisting community management, before finally reaching my current goal of entering the gaming industry. I grew up with my Sega Saturn and Game Boy, both of which are still running to this day; in addition to the childhood dream of becoming Lara Croft!

    While, that never came true (boo!) I do spend my free time creating costumes and attending conventions; which I suppose is the next best thing! You can generally find me in front of my laptop watching ‘just one more’ YouTube video.

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Everyone here loves playing games and we want to play our part in creating games that we can all be proud of. To make this happen, we need brilliant people who share our passion. That's why we're always looking for talented, ambitious and enthusiastic teams to work with and brilliant people to come and work with us.

  • Need a publisher?

    If you want a publisher that shares the same indie spirit as your studio then we'd love to talk to you. Ripstone does everything you'd expect from a traditional publisher, but with a twist. We believe indie devs need a more tailored, personal approach to their games and that the relationship between developer and publisher is the difference between a game that is merely good and one that is great. We always like to look at things differently and never focus on processes and procedures, but want to understand what you want and what you need to make great games.

    So, if you've got a great game and you want the world to be able to play it, let us see if we can help you.

  • Want to be in our gang?

    We're a playful bunch, we like each other's company, we love our work and we care passionately about the games we publish. We've created a place where people are excited to work. We have ice-cream in the summer, team lunches, celebratory cakes for special occasions and you get an extra day off for your birthday!

    If you want to join the Ripstone team check out the Team Talk area for details of available vacancies or check for updates on facebook and twitter..

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We like making friends so we've made it easy for you to talk to us at Ripstone. Don't be shy, say hello, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Ripstone

    Elevator Studios. 25 Parliament Street. Liverpool. L8 5RN. United Kingdom
  • Press Enquiries

    Want to get updates straight from the horses mouth? Contact us to be added to our media list.
    Our PR team can provide journalists with additional information about Ripstone and all our games, as well as being able to arrange interviews with the developers we work with and provide assets that can be used in the media.


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