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Fans can pocket VooFoo’s brand new snooker DLC soon

12th May 2015

Experiencing those post Snooker World Championship blues? Despair no more, because VooFoo Studios have just announced Pure Pool’s brand new snooker DLC, which is set to grace PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC via Steam soon.

Watch the brand new Pure Pool Snooker DLC launch trailer now:

Pure Pool has entertained players worldwide and fans have been crying out for snooker to be included in the game since its launch in 2014. The pack will feature a full career mode for all difficulty levels; Amateur, Pro and Master, two new snooker challenge modes and DLC specific trophies, achievements and snooker accolades.

“We’re thrilled to be able to reveal our brand new snooker DLC pack to Pure Pool fans today, in the wake of the Snooker World Championships. It’s something that ourselves and Ripstone have been dying to announce for a while, but we wanted to be able to show fans the DLC in action. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on this latest addition to the game and hope they’re as excited as we are for its release” – Mark Williams; Technical Director, VooFoo Studios.

Get ready for the most authentic snooker experience ever witnessed from the comfort of the couch.

Come and join in the conversation on Twitter #PurePool.

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The Ironcast Soundtrack is Out Now on Steam

01st May 2015


















The Official Ironcast Soundtrack arrived on Steam today due to popular demand from fans. Created by Ironcast's Audio Designer and Composer; Ed Hargreve, the ultimate battle soundtrack features all 8 music tracks from the game and even comes highly recommended Her Britannic Majesty Queen Victoria.

Download on Steam now, in all its orchestral glory!

Join in the conversation on Twitter using the #Ironcast hashtag and follow the devs @DreadbitGames

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Ripstone Round Up March 2015

01st April 2015











March has been and gone in the blink of an eye. Ripstone has featured on Granada Reports, we’ve launched Ironcast on PC and travelled across the Atlantic and the US. While we were in the states, we took three amazing titles to two glorious events with developers Dreadbit and Golden Ruby Games.

Our first stop was PAX East in Boston, where we exhibited steampunk mech combat game; Ironcast (which is out now on Steam) and spooky action platformer; Extreme Exorcism (coming soon to PC, PS4, Xbox One). We were in attendance with Daniel Leaver of UK based indie developer Dreadbit and Mike Christatos and Andy Wallace of New York based indie’s Golden Ruby Games.

Then it was time to don our Stetsons and venture over to Austin in Texas for SXSW, where we exhibited Ironcast, Extreme Exorcism and Pure Hold’em.

We had an overwhelmingly positive response to all three games while we were at PAX East and SXSW and can’t thank those enough who took the time to stop by at the stands and play. We were all suitably dressed and looking dapper too, thanks in large part to Phaze Clothing – so we’d like to give a special thank you to those guys as well!

Check out the photos from both events here.

If you didn’t manage to attend, you can even check out the devs giving their demos on the show floor, for both Ironcast and Extreme Exorcism.

During PAX East and SXSW we were also running a competition along with Dreadbit and Golden Ruby Games. Players were encouraged to Tweet/ Facebook/ Instagram their booth photos along with hashtags #Ironcast and #Extreme Exorcism. We’re pleased to finally be able to announce the winners for both contest and share their winning photos here:

Congratulations @victory0901 and @jimmyforge who won with these beauties: 



























A huge thanks to all those who took part – we’ll be attending more events this year and hosting more competitions, so keep your eye on our social media feeds for the latest news.

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War is coming to the Xbox & PlayStation Stores

26th March 2015







We're delighted to announce that Dreadbit’s steampunk mech combat title is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation®3 & PlayStation®4.

As esteemed Commanders of the Consortium of Merit, players take control of their own 7 metre tall Ironcast – each towering construct bursting with advanced Victorian era weapon systems and electrical shields. Players must face off against an invading enemy force in order to defend 1880's Victorian England.

Battles are fought by generating resource nodes which in turn drive the Ironcast's various weapons and systems. Players must choose how to spend these nodes wisely, either offensively in order to cripple and destroy their opponents, or defensively, if they suspect a barrage of incoming weapons fire is due.

After launching Ironcast on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam and witnessing fans overwhelmingly positive reactions first hand at recent events like PAX East in Boston and SXSW in Austin – everyone at Dreadbit and here at Ripstone are looking forward to bringing Ironcast to Xbox One and PlayStation fans across the globe.

“Watching gamers playing and reacting to Ironcast at recent events was incredible – we knew that we’d developed a game that players wanted to play. We’ve been completely overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received so far and we’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing the game to PlayStation and Xbox One fans worldwide”Daniel Leaver, Dreadbit.

Although Ironcast is Dreadbit’s debut title, the dev team are no strangers to AAA game development. The team’s Lead Designer and founder; Daniel Leaver was a Senior Designer on Media Molecule’s Tearaway and LittleBIGPlanet series before forming Dreadbit – and is now making the game he’s always wanted to make.

New Consortium Commanders can watch the launch trailer here: and for those brave souls without a moment to lose, the game is available to download on Steam and the Humble Store now.

Good luck, Commander. Britain is behind you!

For more information on Ironcast take a look at the latest dev diary on Dreadbit’s website and read the latest about the PS4 version of Ironcast on the Official PlayStation blog.

You can follow the devs and ourselves on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram for live Ironcast game updates. Come and join in the #Ironcast conversation.

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The Pure Hold’em Open Beta has landed on Xbox One!

25th March 2015

We’re pleased to announce that the Pure Hold’em Open Beta is now live and available to download on Xbox One. We’d like to encourage as many players as possible to download and play the game, while it’s still available!

If you’d like to provide us with any feedback, we’d be truly grateful if you could take the time to complete the optional Pure Hold’em Survey. Your feedback is extremely important to us and could aid VooFoo Studios in shaping the game going forward.

Pure Hold’em is newest addition to the Pure series and it’s due to arrive on PlayStation® 4, PC and Xbox One this summer. The game is only being beta tested on Xbox Live as it represents a good environment to ensure services will run effectively at launch – no matter which platform the game is played on. This is something that we'd like to test thoroughly prior to launch, so we’d like to invite as many Xbox One fans as possible to take part so we’re able to push the servers to the maximum.  

Feel free to spread the word on Twitter using the hashtag #PureHoldem.

There’s only one question you’ll need to ask yourself…are you all in?


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  • Rachael Gregg-Smythe ASSISTANT PRODUCER

    I've been into games ever since my Dad bought me a NES and secretly let me stay up late to play it!

    I've always been passionate about art and design so I knew I would want to work in a creative industry. I started my career in the games industry by working at SCEE whilst studying for my Masters in Architecture at Edinburgh University. Since then, I have come to Ripstone for the opportunity to work in an exciting and vibrant atmosphere and to work more closely with a development team.

    When I'm not working on games I like drawing things in Photoshop, watching anime, levelling up on RPGs and reading comics. 

  • Bradley Evans-Foster ACCOUNTS ASSISTANT

    Throughout my life I have had a genuine interest for games and to this day, enjoy playing games in my spare time. As an accountant, becoming involved in the games industry and working for a company like Ripstone is a fantastic opportunity for me.

    This is my first role in the games industry; before this I was working as a Financial Accounts Assistant. Now I am here at Ripstone, I am involved in an enjoyable and unique work environment.

    When I am not studying for Accountancy exams or working to meet deadlines, I am eating sweets, travelling and spending time with friends and family. 

  • Rob Williams PROGRAMMER

    I taught myself to program so I could make games instead of paying attention at school.

    In 2004 my hobby game evolved into a small business, and shortly afterwards I was offered my first job in the games industry. 

    Other than games I enjoy cooking, cocktails and coffee, concurrently or consecutively.


    I've been officially breaking games since 2010 as a QA tester in various departments. Now, at Ripstone, I get to work more closely with developers and really get behind their ambitions.

    When I'm not trying to break and dismantle other people's creative visions, I'm busy working on my own. Since graduating in film at LJMU back in '09, I've worked on film sets, pointed cameras at local businesses and won film competitions. Since late 2012 I've been creating films for international festivals.

    To relax I enjoy reading, trying to catch up on TV shows, discussing zombie outbreak contingencies, watching funny animal videos and, of course, playing games without breaking them for a change.


    Since leaving university I knew that I wanted to be involved in creative industries, not just studying them. This led me to various roles involving art and assisting community management, before finally reaching my current goal of entering the gaming industry. I grew up with my Sega Saturn and Game Boy, both of which are still running to this day; in addition to the childhood dream of becoming Lara Croft!

    While, that never came true (boo!) I do spend my free time creating costumes and attending conventions; which I suppose is the next best thing! You can generally find me in front of my laptop watching ‘just one more’ YouTube video.

  • Mark Pittam PRODUCER

    I've been an avid player of games since the early 1980's. I used to visit WHSmiths on the weekends to stand in their store and play games Sinclair ZX81 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K until my parents could afford to purchase one for me.

    I started in the industry way back in June 1995 (myself and Phil started at SCEE as game testers), I stayed at SCEE until February 2014. Now, I am helping produce games with the cool gang at Ripstone and have a great time.

    My interests are varied but include gaming (of course!), astronomy, photography, travelling, drinking wine, camping, drinking wine (yep, I probably drink too much of it!).


    My games career started back in 2006 when I was employed as a cleaner at Bizarre Creations (BC). But I quickly swapped my duster for an Xbox360 controller; heading up BC’s PR department under Activision-Blizzard. One minute I was mopping floors and the next I was meeting Stan Lee at E3! How Cinderella ;-)

    I've loved games since the days of Alex Kidd and have been fortunate enough to work on AAA franchises like James Bond:007, Geometry Wars and PGR, alongside some of the finest talent in the industry. And I still am here at Ripstone!

    By day I'm a PR Manager, but by night I'm a singer in a Jazz-Blues-Soul band. I also love comics, Will Ferrell films and my ultimate heroine of all time is Ellen Ripley.

  • Michelle Turner PR & MARKETING MANAGER

    My first job in PR was at Disney Interactive Studios, it was a great start to my career working on franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical and Lumines. I love working in the games industry and engaging with people that are passionate about what they do and the gamers that are passionate about what they play.

    In my spare time I love to travel, whether it's camping somewhere in the UK or living it up in a fancy hotel in Australia. I also enjoy baking, and I write my own food blog so I'm often found cooking up a storm in my kitchen on the weekend.


    I love games. Since the age of 10 it's all I ever wanted to do (except in 1986 when I wanted to be a fighter pilot), and I'm kinda banking on the prophecy that the geek will inherit the Earth! Having worked on over 50 games in my career so far, setting up Ripstone was the natural thing to do.

    Today I enjoy playing games as much as I did when I was in short trousers. More so actually. But when I'm not chasing trophies on my PS3 and PS Vita you'll find me playing football with my two little boys, or walking the Lake District fells with my friends.


    I’ve worked in the entertainment industries since 1983 when I was a fledgling music producer. In ’88 I got a job as a radio producer and 9 years later got my first games industry job as an external producer at Psygnosis.

    After a spell at Codemasters I joined XDev Studio Europe and was there until we founded Ripstone in January 2011.

    All my spare time is spent with my family and friends and I have a drum kit on top of the wardrobe that I’m determined to play again one day.

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  • Need a publisher?

    If you want a publisher that shares the same indie spirit as your studio then we'd love to talk to you. Ripstone does everything you'd expect from a traditional publisher, but with a twist. We believe indie devs need a more tailored, personal approach to their games and that the relationship between developer and publisher is the difference between a game that is merely good and one that is great. We always like to look at things differently and never focus on processes and procedures, but want to understand what you want and what you need to make great games.

    So, if you've got a great game and you want the world to be able to play it, let us see if we can help you.

  • Want to be in our gang?

    We're a playful bunch, we like each other's company, we love our work and we care passionately about the games we publish. We've created a place where people are excited to work. We have ice-cream in the summer, team lunches, celebratory cakes for special occasions and you get an extra day off for your birthday!

    If you want to join the Ripstone team check out the Team Talk area for details of available vacancies or check for updates on facebook and twitter..

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